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Swarnabha Halder

The Night

Every night is haunting me worse day by day,
Every night is getting colder,
Like it's getting cruel more and more
It has already stole my peaceful sleep 
What else will I loose?
Don't know
When everyone is sleeping in peace
The cruel darkness is like swallowing me in its negativity a little day by day,
And I'm like drowning in it a little more
Many dark thoughts are engulfing me very badly and trying to suffocate me.
I don't know how far I can go with this 
I don't know how long I can resist it from engulfing me completely.

Oh night! please have mercy on me
please have mercy on me.

                                           _Joker #candle #darkness

Jitendra Suthar

you just need a small brightness from the whole dark world to get out of it

©Jitendra Suthar #darkness #Brightness #Support 



Someone asked me the other day,
‘Why do you always write about darkness or being sad? I don’t see darkness within you! There is so much light and positivity!’

I smiled meekly and told him, ‘Dear, only in this darkness I find my light, that in sadness I feel love, in solitude I bloom, that my role is of a candle in a dark room, or else my value is just light a torch in scorching daylight’ #darkness #light #solitude #candle #yqbaba

Words Warriors

Light a candle for every day
It wasn't much, you had to say
A candle for every night alone
Of dreams long since gone

Light a candle for every moment
They weren't a lot, ticks of torment
A candle for every memory made
Of hours that have started to fade

And when the wick is burning low
When your heart feels hollow
Look out in the cold dark streets
For my soul trapped within free spirits

They laugh and mock at my insanity
As I burn for you, bound for eternity

©Words Warriors #candle #Light #lightindark #Soul #darkness

Amit Jotwani

in the darkness 
death is the candle 
we wish for. 
 #darkness #death #candle #wish #YoPoWriMo #yqbaba

Dr. Aastha Jain

Candle is still a candle #Success

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Just because it's bright day outside, 
Doesn't mean your candle isn't burning.

Don't let the success of others, make you question your own worth.  Candle is still a candle



#candle is bright #Motivational

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#Love is meaning

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To see a candle's light one must take it into a dark place

©Harshini be positive
#darkness #lightindark #Light #candle #CandleLight


# life is meaning less

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Life has no meaning
We have to make it meaningful 
through our karma # life is meaning less