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HeartBreak # life quotes # zindagi # dhadkan # heartbeat

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Zara sambhal kar chal, ae zindagi
Meri dhadkan tujhse dheemi hai
Agar tu nahi, toh jeene mein mazaa nahi
Aur agar dhadkan nahi, toh Zindagi hi nahi hai!!! #HeartBreak # life quotes # zindagi # dhadkan # heartbeat


चेहरे पर हँसी छा जाती है।
आँखों में सुरूर आ जाता है।
जब तुम मुझे अपना कहते हो।
अपने आप पर ग़ुरूर आ जाता है। #quotes #love #heartbreak

Narayan Chouhan

Be-inteha Mohabbat ka sil-sila kuch yun raha ki
Dil ki chahat ne, Itna dooba diya hume,
jo toota to, meri rooh bhi kanp uthi

बे-इंतहा मोहब्बत का सिलसिला कुछ यूँ रहा कि,
दिल की चाहत ने,इतना डूबा दिया हमें,
जो टूटा तो, मेरी रूह भी काँप उठी। #AwayFromFamily #love#Mohabbat #heartbeat #heartbreak

Shiraj Naidu

Not so long ago, Forever had us together
Why do we now breathe different air? #love #forever #breathe #heartbeat #heartbreak


Kisi ki kya mazal hume barbad kre..
Akhir ishaq ka rasta humne khud hi apanaya hai ..!!
Tujhse dil jo lgaya hai..!!
Khud ko be-gairat banaya hai..!!
                     ~Nz #poetry #love #quotes #heartbreak


Heartbreak  what is heartbreak ? 
i think heartbreak means one person come in your life and you take care, love  him/her and at last they leave us beacuse they have a new person to love or created issue on many little things. at last  break up with that person. but in that two people who feels guilty, sad, alone, crying and more. at last he/her understand i love wrong person and that is result. so i tell you every person is not perfect for your love. so choose a right person for your love. and the result hearbreak is never come of your relation #whatisheartbreak? #love #quotes#heartbreak