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Sonia Lath

Dear soul

Dear soul



Shalini J.

Let me look into my soul days 
Ah! The peace, the tranquility,
The rejuvenation belong to me,
Turns me into a soul food!
Oh! Then the days when
I am Just a body
The rush, the hubbub , the chaos
Creeps in stealthily, 
Leaves me to be nothing more than
An eye candy!

     Soul food!

Soul food!

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Tushar Gupte

Remedial rhyming word of Fear is Near Near & Fear

Near & Fear

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Dr.Madhumita Mulia

We gain freedom,
In the real sense,
When we become able 
To break the chains of Fear.

©Dr.Madhumita Mulia
  #Soul #freesoul #Fear

Shabnam Ansari Ali

We should learn from butterfly 🦋 life-cycle,
how difficult is to transform into colourful wings.
The butterfly starts life as a tiny egg that hatches to form a caterpillar.

©Shabnam Ansari Ali
  Good morning dear divine souls 🌻

Good morning dear divine souls 🌻 #Motivational



Isha Kumawat

 Word Meaning 

अँदेशा-ए-मिट्टी - fear of soil
ख्वाइश - wish 
रुह - soul

Word Meaning अँदेशा-ए-मिट्टी - fear of soil ख्वाइश - wish रुह - soul #शायरी #nojotophoto

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Fida Mansoor

#muhabbat #soul #dear #yar


Hy!! see what I hear,
Since it become year
I was so fear,
that,i can't control my tear.
When I knew u only treat me as a bear,
still, silly me care u as my dear.
See not even u know that what i love toweyar,
u make such a fake premises full of  swear.
Now see in my story u r already clear,
And i m not allowing u to be near.
Even i forget the first day u appear,
To make my heart disappear.
Till now I was mishear,
Which throw me into world full of fear.
Finally,i succeed to Goodbye my last year,
And i feel  i am over with u dear.

@emotional_word721 #year #Fear #clear #near #appear #staysafe #Stay #hand #Love #Care ❤🌼

Poorab Gupta

मैं अक्सर हँसा देता हूँ उदास लोगो को...
मुझसे मेरे जैसे लोग देखे नही जाते😣💙
Poorab G # me
# broken soul

# me # broken soul

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na koi kisi se door hota hai
na koi kisi ke krib hota hai
wo khud he chal ke aata hai
jo jiska nasib hota hai

©call__me__kavya follow me 


follow me #Soul #Shayari

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Abdul Hadi

بدن کو کاٹتا ھے دکھ ، ملال نوچتے ھیں 
یہ درد بھیڑیے ھیں اور کھال نوچتے ھیں

©Abdul Hadi Follow me 

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Abdul Hadi

رات بھر تم بھی اداسی کا سبب بنتے ہو
دن نکلتا ہے تو اخبار چلے آتے ہیں

وہ بلاتا ہے جسے پیار سے اپنی جانب
میں تو پاگل ہوں سمجھ دار چلے آتے ہیں

©Abdul Hadi Follow me 


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heart' breaker

sometimes not just words i erased a whole paragraph

©heart' breaker
  #me my soul

#me my soul #Quotes



jitendar kasana

#for dear and near

#for dear and near




when friends are near we can go anywhere without fear

©Pricilla Premiya
  friends near #no fear#

friends near #no fear# #Life



Lana del rey

Whatever our souls are made of 
"His and Mine are the same"

©Farzana Begam #merikHushi #Love#Soul#Souls#soulmate


There is a singsong quality to souls.
You hear it, during a lull, in the dialogue.
You sense it, in the inflections;
In the uttered words, even.

There is an irridescent component to souls.
You see it, in unguarded moments.
You glean it, in the movements;
In the spontaneous actions, done.

There is an ethereal mystery to souls.
You feel it, in the softness of a touch.
You discern it, in the indecision to caress;
In the subtle pressure, that swiftly disappears.

Souls--the manifestation of Someone,
Far greater than life; telling us,
That there is something, way beyond
This earthly existence of blight.  Souls.

#soul #God #life #yqbaba

Souls. #Soul #God life #yqbaba

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jafar khan

Rishte ki khasiyat ko samjhya tune..
Tera Dil dukhya fir bhi
Apnaya tune...
 Door Reh kar Bhi Pass Ka Ehsas Dilaya Tune...
Meri Zindegi Me Khushiyan Bankar Muskuraya Tune...
Mere  liye Kuch Bhi Karne Ka Hausla Badaya Tune...
Sari Haden Paar Kar ke Mere Pass Aaya Tune...
Meri Narazgi Per Sorry Bol Kar Manaya Tune...
Sari Galtiyon Ko maff kar ke Gale se lagaya Tune...
Sab Kuch Bhula Kar Nayi Tarha Se Suruat Kiya Tune...
Tah-e-Dil Se Sukriya Ada Karna Chahata Hun Me Tera...
Ek Tere Siwa Koi Nahi Hai Ab Mera.....❤️❤️❤️
Wish you a Happy New Year
 My Dear And Near Friends Wish You A Very Happy New Year..


My Dear And Near Friends Wish You A Very Happy New Year.. 2021

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Anchal Mehta

In my book of memories, where stories stay,
I feel kinda sad 'cause my brother's not here to play.
People all happy for the new year's cheer,
But I'm stuck in moments that bring a tear.

It's been two years since my bro went away,
On this day, feels like he should've stayed.
I held him tight, hoping he'd wake,
But time just moved on, like a river does, 
for goodness' sake.

"I won't fight," I told him in that quiet place,
Hugging him close, but he slipped into space.
Time kept going, all cold and bold,
Leaving me here, feeling kinda old.

I miss his teasing and our shared plate,
Eating together, it was super great.
I wish I could go back, do things right,
Regret fills my heart, like day turns to night.

In that day's mess, wondering how he felt,
A piece of me broke, like it totally smelt.
I wish I could change our story's plot,
But here I am, dealing with what I got.

I wish for a time machine, that would be cool,
To fix things up, to not play the fool.
While others look forward, with a lot of cheer,
I'm just holding a quiet, 23-year-old tear.

©Anchal Mehta
  #Soul missing my lad as New Year only reminds me of him .

#Soul missing my lad as New Year only reminds me of him . #Life




One little tear,
Falls down;
By Another--
Cleaning out,
The soul;
That has
In full. ImageSource: Pinterest

#tear #soul #yqbaba

ImageSource: Pinterest #tear #Soul #yqbaba

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Vidushi chandra

suno na!!!! ishq hai baat tumko bataa du kya .....???
khud se bhi jada bharosa hai tum bharose ko jataa doo kya....???
bahut dar lagta hai tumhe khone se.... hmesa sath rhne ka vada nibha doo kya......???
or agr tum umar bhar mera sath nibha paao to tumhare baare me papa ko bta doo kya.....???!!!!

©Vidushi chandra #love


silent person


©silent person
  # Banjaran soul# jhumka# new year

# Banjaran soul# jhumka# new year #Shayari




Nature is the Food for SOUL..... #nature #food #soul #yqbaba #tpmd

Himanshu Kuniyal

बड़े तहम्मुल से रफ़्ता रफ़्ता निकालना है 
बचा है जो तुझ में मेरा हिस्सा निकालना है 

ये रूह बरसों से दफ़्न है तुम मदद करोगे 
बदन के मलबे से इस को ज़िंदा निकालना है 

निकाल लाया हूँ एक पिंजरे से इक परिंदा 
अब इस परिंदे के दिल से पिंजरा निकालना है

~उमैर नज़मी #उमैरनज़्मी #Love #Soul #Fear #Life

silent person

उसकी सूरत पर नज़र जाती भी तो कैसे  !!!
कमबख्त कानो के झुमको पर ही दिल लुटा बैठे थे!!!

©silent person #banjaran soul # jhumka # new year

#banjaran soul # jhumka # new year




good night

©Nsjsbaro #Soul good night

#Soul good night #Love

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Sushil Kumar Gochhayat

He goes, but I never go. He becomes greedy, but I never become so. Yes, the fight continues between me and my inner soul. #fight, #greedy, #soul, #me