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Haleema Ali

Hero vs Zero Hero😎 #in #zero0

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0 बगैर,,
ना 10
ना 100
ना 1000
(करोड़)00000000 ,,की
क्या औकात??
हलीमा✍ Hero vs Zero
#Hero😎 #in #zero0

Asif m. a

Zero hero #Quote #nojotophoto

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 Zero hero

Bharath Nandibhatla

Skyline. But horizon's a curve. #Skyline #horizon #NAPOWRIMO

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The horizon is indeed a lie,
a beautiful one at it, though.
When the sky bows down
to meet the sea, his beau,
a noble act of love, innit?

Unlike the urban skyline
where buildings soar
in vain to reach the sky.
A falsehood taken seriously.

Yes, nature lied to us
about the distant horizon.
So we build a towering lie?

The horizon has set me
on voyages to the beyond.
The skyline has merely
dwarfed me to a blatant lie.
 Skyline. But horizon's a curve.

#skyline #horizon

Shivi to hero

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Never stop chasing your dreams,Life can take you from zero to hero 
In a fraction of time to hero

Cute Nitzz

Hero once a Zero...

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Why every soldier is a hero You are hero
as you have come across zero
ever lasting sorrow 
ever lasting happiness
yoh are the one who bought
we to oath 
lastly the seed we saw 
to make a rapid growth..
 #NojotoQuote Hero once a Zero...

Prem Chand

#klrahul #Zero from hero #Motivational

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