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Friends #friends poem✍🧡🧡💛 #old #Poetry

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A friend is unlike anything
And unlike anything 
A friend is until the end
And until the end 
You have ears to lend

And lending things is for friends
You can always depend
On a good friend
No need to pretend
That they are a friend
It is what they intended

Jokes and sarcasm with no relent
Messages you text and send
Ones that listen to you vent
Special days spent with them
Events you try to attend

If you happened to offend
Then you would try to mend
An issue or a dent
To resolve any intent
To remain friends 
Through thick and thin

Friends until the end

©Schizology Friends

#friends #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #old

ganashree ganashree

#old song #old# song #Love

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Sonu J

#$0#@ #Motivational

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Piyush yadav

old village and old friends #Videos

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Nadeem Ansari

0🙋😄 #वीडियो

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Nancy momoland

old #लव

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NeHaa N

Old #Life

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🤑=0. #Quotes

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life is nothing without moneyy 💰🤑

©Sathi 🤑=0.

KK क्षत्राणी

Åãfrēēñ वंदना .... 0 R... Ojha Sethi Ji all my friends #Motivational

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KK क्षत्राणी

#Romantic 0 Munni Niaz (Harf) Heartless Sethi Ji.... All my friends #Life

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