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Alok Mishra

Life is a struggle.And that is true.

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#tumharesaath life is like a railway station #Motivational

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Aarti kumari

life is a mysterious#SAD Life

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VB guddappanavar

achievement is like a mountain 🏔️ #ಜ್ಞಾನಿ

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Life is a tafe #Life

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Prince Martin

#Quote #candle Life

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Life is like a candle

A candle dimly glows, casting a warm, flickering light upon my face. In its brief existence, its life is like my own, a poignant allegory of the human journey.

As my life begins, like the wick of a freshly lit candle, my spirit shines brightly, filled with boundless potential and dreams. The flame burns high, illuminating the path ahead, but it also consumes itself slowly, reminding me of the preciousness of time. Like the molten wax, my experiences mold me, shaping my character with every passing moment.

Moments of joy and triumph flicker vividly, like sparks leaping from the flame. They warm my soul and leave lasting imprints on my heart. However, like the smoke that rises, challenges and sorrows linger, obscuring my path and threatening to extinguish the flame. But even in darkness, the wick continues to glow, a testament to my indomitable spirit and the hope that burns within me.

As the candle burns low, I reflect on my life with bittersweet nostalgia. Like the melted wax, my body may diminish, but the memories and experiences I have gathered will forever be etched into the tapestry of time. The flame may eventually flicker and fade, but the legacy I leave behind will endure, a beacon of inspiration and love for generations to come.

©Prince Martin #Quote #candle #Life


#longdrive life is a race #Life

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#motivatation life changing quotes || life is journey 😀 #Motivational

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Ruhi Shaikh

#oddone life is a journey #Life

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Life is a journey, not a race. #Life

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Sometimes all that we need is to sit back and relax.

©Mackenzie Mascarenhaasss Life is a journey, not a race.