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Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma attend Yuvraj Singh's dazzling wedding ceremony

Star Yuvraj Singh's wedding with model-turned-Bollywood actress Hazel Keech, now Gurbasant Kaur, has been a star-studded affair so far. The couple and their families completed a second round of their marriage, this time according to Hindu rituals, today in Goa.
Virat Kohli, accompanied by his girlfriend Anushka Sharma, and Rohit Sharma with his wife Ritika, were among the host of other celebrities who attended the second wedding ceremony.
While the first ceremony took place according to Sikh customs at a Gurudwara in Fatehgarh Sahib, which is 50 kms from Chandigarh, on Wednesday, the couple tied the know this time in a typical Hindu wedding at a beach-side resort in north Goa.
Yuvraj, who wore a red sherwani in Chandigarh, graced a gold brocade sherwani for his Goa wedding while Hazel went for a Banarsi saree.

Earlier, Yuvraj's Chandigarh wedding function included family and very close friends. However, the Indian team, including skipper Virat Kohli and coach Anil Kumble, were present at a star-studded mehendi and sangeet ceremony a day before the wedding.

The reception will be held in New Delhi on December 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also expected to attend the reception in the capital.

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At the bus stop she stood again,
It was too early, yet she stood there in the rain,
Her shoes all muddied like the view of people with no ground,
Heart buckled, throat croaked with the tie around,
Nails done perfectly with bits of dirt under it,
Initials of people who weren’t really people on her skin sits
Like cheated words written for the next lesson,
But she had bigger problems coming up than her undone bun,
The bus will soon show up,
They’ll see through her, the scaredy pup,
‘Dumb as a club’, ‘Good-for-business in pubs,’
‘Toad in the fishes’ tub,’ ‘Bloody scrub,’
‘Ideal for making subs’, ‘Ideal for touching up in subs’,
‘Teeny snaggy shrub,’
Zero hated the bus,
Other were rude and always cussed,
Made fun of her cuts,
Always called her nuts,
Smacked her butt,
They had too much guts,
They had, ‘Chal hat!’
She had undone sums,
And a throaty lump,
Croaky hum,
But she still made it to school,
School, where nothing and everyone was cool,
Where she was made to feel like a fool,
‘Zero, you still haven’t learnt your lesson!
Throw away this idea of heaven,
Freshen up with some tension,
We are ready to teach,
You better preach,
Don’t be a bitch,
Sew your lips in a stitch,
And listen,
Don’t wear this dressing,
Don’t have your legs in a crossing,
Don’t dream, it’s a sin,
Or You will be poisoned with safety pins,’
Zero nodded and concurred,
She had seen and observed,
Her presence was absurd,
Always behind, she didn’t have value put forward,
Liked as much as a dish of gourd,
Present everywhere and taken for granted like God,
She wasn’t a natural number card,
Or so she thought,
Until she meant Ten and her tongue was in a knot,
Life’s meaning she got,
He wasn’t every day’s tater tot,
Someone who made you feel a lot,
Someone who could save your sinking boat,
Someone who made things vanish and zero forgot
She rose like anything,
He was the king, who made zero her queen,
Took her to Beijing, got her to learn Mandarin,
Zero was no longer nil,
Zero knew stuff now to pay her bills,
Ten and zero climbed hills,
Zero no longer had thoughts of pills,
She lived life for the thrills,
She was bolder until ten too left,
He had found a ninety instead,
So zero cried to sleep in bed,
Ate food because she was needed to be fed,
Zero cursed herself for a stupid head,
‘Bloody, good-for-nothing, see, even Ten fled,
Left you over here to be dead,’
She did the same routine until she rose up from the bed,
Started going for a walk instead,
She had dreams of being wed to ten,
She hung from a thread for ten,
It was only until it broke that
She rose up from the dead,
Wrote the words on a paper desk,
Screamed them aloud until there was no dread,
Until there was no bad,
Until despair was dead,
Until she was ‘Creatively, ingenious mad’
Until her croaky throat was the trend,
Wrote her song with a sore hand,
That’s how much practice she had,
Zero’s words then spread,
She said what other numbers only felt,
They put her ahead,
Her voice had them shed their tears,
Their tears had words now, they said.
‘The thing was, I was misled,’
Zero finally said,
‘I had a cape in my closet,
I dusted it, and wore it,
It made me fly,
Helped me touch sky,
I was divided,
Now I’m multiplied,
I’m infinity,’
She shouted, Ten finally could see
Her perform, she stood on top of numerical sea.
She once said in an interview
‘There was a guy who once left me for ninety,
Now, I’m bigger then they could ever be,
I’m infinity,
I’m just me,
And that just makes me stronger, you see,
I’m the enigma, now everyone wants to be me,
The Indian with a mystery,
With a neglected history,
You relate to me,
I’m zero,
The hero,
Now I know why you buried me in the burrow,
I was the hidden, undiscovered Pharaoh!’

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Wait for me until
I become perfect for you,
Wait for me until
I deserve for you,
Wait for me until
I forget all those miseries you gave it to me,
Wait for me until
I Heal my self & bring all those love for you,

Baby just Wait for me until
I come back to you.

Wait for me,
I become perfect for you,
Wait for me until
I deserve for you,
Wait for me until
I forget all those miseries you gave it to me,
Wait for me until
I Heal my self & bring all those love for you,

Baby just Wait for me until
I come back to you.

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Why Do Married Women Have To “Look Married?”
“You're married? You don't look like it” is a phrase I have heard way too often in the nearly two years of 
being married. For the world, a married woman is supposed to look different. Her appearance is supposed 
to announce her marital status. But no one has been able to answer why that is. What do these symbols 
have to do with my commitment to my marriage? Has a woman wearing sindoor, a mangalsutra or a choora never cheated on her husband?

During the wedding, a bride typically wears shades of red, pink, orange and other bright colours to shout 
out her status as a newly married woman. In northern India, most brides wear bright red bangles, known as 
a choora, during and for some time after the wedding. Trinkets dangle off the bride's wrist, she has jewellery on her ankles, her head, her neck, her waist, and her ears. Any empty spot is taken by mehendi.

After the wedding, the bride is supposed to be heavily adorned for the first few days or months. In some cases, this situation doesn't change for years. The women who wear the choora typically keep it on for a minimum of 11 days to a maximum of a year-and-a-half. It doesn't matter if it gets in the way of showering, tears a few clothes, doesn't let the woman do her job while at work, or makes her uncomfortable. It's tradition and she must do it. The new husband, however, has no such adornment to wear. He can go right back to shorts and t-shirts as soon as the wedding is over.

I didn't wear the choora for more than two days, mostly because my arms started itching. And it was a rebellion of sorts to roam around bare-armed. Two days after my wedding, when my ears were hurting after nearly being torn apart by heavy jewellery and my body had done enough weight-lifting for a year with those outfits, I was told to decorate myself. “Kuchh toh pehno, beta” was said in a way that made me feel like I was walking around naked. Apparently, I didn't “look” like I had just gotten married. The fact that I was wearing an engagement ring and that my arms were drowning in mehendi was disregarded. The oft-repeated dialogue “aisa hi hota hai” didn't apply to my husband. Nobody beta'ed him into wearing the weight of the world in an attempt to look married.

Since I'm married into a Hindu family, many friends and acquaintances questioned me about the lack of sindoor on my forehead and the absence of amangalsutra around my neck. In the politest manner they knew, these people were questioning my intention behind not wearing all these symbols of marriage. Did I not want to look married? Was I doing this to attract other men? Did I not love my husband enough? None of that was, or is, true. All I was doing was being myself, and any such adornment did not fit my image of myself.

My wardrobe had also come into the spotlight on more occasions than one. At weddings, I was expected to be wearing the heaviest outfits from my bridal trousseau. When I didn't, the “cool” crowd told me how “cool” it was that I didn't adhere to custom, not realizing that the non-adherence was a by-product of me just being me, married or not.

Some women, including those in my extended family, face several wardrobe restrictions. From no short sleeves to no western wear, they've been relegated to wearing a lot of extra fabric on their bodies, even in the sweltering summer. Only because they're married now. How can a married woman dress as she pleases? She has to represent our family, bhai. No such restrictions exist for these women's husbands. They lead their lives dressed the same way, wear their hair however they want and have the option to not “look married.”

A woman is treated as a walking, talking platform meant to showcase her husband's wealth. You're supposed to dress a certain way because, my god, what will people think of your husband? He keeps you in rags? No one realizes that the “rags” are the woman's choice of clothes. My independence or my sole authority over my body has not diminished after marriage. I don't want to deliberately look unmarried, I just want to be comfortable. Why should I have to put a red line in the middle of my heap of curls or wear a beaded necklace while my husband has no such expectation of him? So that the world can be satisfied at the demarcation of a married woman? That this one is not to be touched, she belongs to another bro?

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jairekrobbins I will persist unti i succeed! I will persist until i succeed! I will persist until i succeed! I will persist until i succeed! I will persist until i succeed! I will persist until i succeed! I will persist until i succeed!
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