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Rahul Sahani

bashinda woh tanahee ka
quarbat ho gaya tumhari mehaak ka
khoj thi use sukoon ki
 talim mili use saath ka toetherness

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Srilatha Gugunta

💞Together 💞
His breath intensifies as he comes near me..
My eyes cherishes this sight of him..
Very soon we have strongly realized..
We no longer exists in the world of others..
In his eyes I stay. And in mine he lives.
We are in our own beautiful paradise..
To live together happily ever after ❤️😍❤️ #yqbaba #together #togetherforever #togetherness #together_forever #togertherness #yqlove #yqlife


A soulmate which in itself defines a soul, a pure soul full of love who is always there as a perfect mate. Souls of love 
#quotes #love #togetherness #me_n_u #relationship


Life is too short but, with the loved ones it's always better. Journey of life
#quotes #long_roads #love #relationship #togetherness


Listen to you heart because, sometimes your mind may be right, giving you immense pleasure but your heart will always lead you to the true happiness you always wished for. ❣️ #quotes #love #u_n_me #togetherness


Let me love you let me know what love is,
let me know what eternity of love is,
let me know how to be loved,
let me know "U". #quotes #Love #togetherness #u_n_me


माना की मेरे होने से 
आपकी लाइफ में बड़ा बवाल हो गया है
मिल जाएगा तू या छूटेगा कहीं, 
पुराना मेरा ये सवाल हो गया है
सुनो मेरी ज़रा, 
अब प्यार से हम आगे के लम्हे जीते है
हम लोगो लड़ते भिड़ते पूरा का पूरा एक साल हो गया है

©Neha Singh Chauhan one year of togetherness

one year of togetherness #लव

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Shravya Kar

Every time the moonlight touches the ground
It reminds me the beauty of the human I found
Her shiny eyes that had brighten up my dark nights
Are the reason for which my inner evil dies.

@Sristi_Kar #moonlight #togetherness #love #quotes #power


My heart started beating when when first I was in my mother's womb... 
It got faster the day I met him, the love of my life.
It became more faster when he first held my hand, since that day my heart skips a beat when he is around me.
And now it will always belong to him till eternity. #quotes #love #relationship #togetherness #love_forever

Suman Bharadwaj

sometimes i really wonder how beautifully you have captured me inside of your shimmering eyes, so that i never find any better place than this and it really feels like this is the only place where i exactly fit in because i have never been into such kind of world before. #nojoto #love #togetherness #tuesday #quotes

Arshi Acharya

Holding the hands 
in the deserted street, 
promised a calm amenity. 
Cuddled within the arms, 
in a harsh chaos, 
prompts the utter harmony. 

The dawn and dusk; 
The sky and earth,
Unveiled the virtue of trust, 
Scribbling the purity of love. 

 Psalm of togetherness

#yqbaba #yqdada #yqdidi #yqdiary #yqworld #togetherness

Archana Das

“Let’s make this Holi memorable by spreading love, happiness, and colorful moments.”

©Archana Das
  #Colors of hope ,love & togetherness ❤

#Colors of hope ,love & togetherness ❤ #Mythology




You know what it is to have a good friend?
Look yourself in the mirror.
The love of my life #Ishu❤️
You never fail me, 
Not matter what it is. 
Its is easy to make 4 friends in a year
But a friend for 8 years is what friendship means to me.
I may not always be there with you
But I will always be there for you.😘
You know me show well, I can never let you go.
I wouldn't be the person I am now without you coming into my life and I can say that I'm blessed 🥰to call you my best friend 👭
You are the best therapist of my worst time🫂you are the best thing happened to me in the last 8 years.
Cheers to our friendship till end of time and forever till we exist on this earth🌎
I just want you to be happy and want you to know that you are precious 💞 to me.
I hope this year brings us everything that we hope it will ❣️

©Neha Gupta
  #Cheers to 8 years of togetherness

#Cheers to 8 years of togetherness #2023Recap #Ishu❤️



somprabha champawat

#2YearsOfNojoto me vo rum nhi jo apke gum bhula du ...
me vo bagpipar bhi nhi jo apke back jindgi ki yad dila du
me vo 8 pm bhi nhi jo apko surili nind me sula du 
pr itna jrur h Nojoto app pe aayi hu to kisi se kam nhi hu...
nojoto app ne muje ek munch provide kiya..
thank u so much 2 yrs of Nojoto...

2 yrs of Nojoto... #2YearsOfNojoto

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Aman Kumar

My dreams bring back our memories of togetherness and those memories bring back you in my dreams.

           -Aman kumar #dream #expectations #reality #togetherness#love#nojoto#quotes

The Indian Bard

 #quotes #love #romance #poetry #togetherness #nojoto #EnglishQuotes

Kavita Ghosh

# spread the message of love and 

# spread the message of love and togetherness.



Author Sanjay Kaushik (YouTuber)

जिंदगी का सफर ऐसा होता है कि
 अकेले ही मंजिल को पाना होता है,
मिल जाये अगर कोई बिछड़ा यार तो
 सफर और सुहाना होता है, 
चलो सारे शिकवे छोड़ कर अपनो का हाथ थाम ले, 
क्योंकि छोड़ कर जीने की जिद 
एक दिन सबको खुदा के पास जाना होता है ।
......Sanjay Kaushik #Thejourneyoflife#togatherness :The Journey of Life

Deepak Gupta

best quotes of hindi #quaotes

best quotes of hindi #quaotes #Quotes




Togetherness is all about
Creating unforgettable memories...

©Rashi Togetherness

#togetherness #englishquotes #Memories #RakeshShinde


Cradle my heart with yours
And I'll embrace your soul with mine;
Together, let's vanquish
The pervading darkness that surrounds.
I'll be your raging rock band
And you'll be my cheering squad;
I'll be your blazing bonfire
And you'll be my resounding chant;
Be the light in my eyes
And I'll be the dimple in your smile;
Tender hand in tiny hand,
'Tis our once-in-a-lifetime chance. "Togetherness"

#Togetherness #diwa #kwentongdiwa #yqbaba

lb littile

20 Inspirational Quotes About Unity and Togetherness

©Nilofer Moni
  #JallianwalaBagh 20 Inspirational Quotes About Unity and Togetherness

#JallianwalaBagh 20 Inspirational Quotes About Unity and Togetherness #Society



Abhishek Srivastava (श्री)

 #lessonforlife #togetherness #stayforever #quotes #thoughts #हिंदी #life #poetry


We are not together today but somewhere, someday in the parallel universe we will be watching the sun set together again❤️
i promise ❤️ #Togetherness

Pooja Udeshi

Together and Forever  ❤Holding each other's hands❤
make my day sweet,happy
walking step by step
each days and years,
before death don't 
depart from me
my darling never
🥰 Togetherness


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The Sarvajeet Krishna

मैं सुई तुम धागा 
तुम्हारा साथ पा के मैं लायक हूं
अकेला तो सबको बस चुभता रहूंगा #togetherness

Priyanshi Mehta

जब मैंने तुझे बोला था कि,बात नही करना मुझे तुझसे
आइंदा मिलने की कोशिश नही करना मुझसे
तो तूने बिना सोचे समझे मान ली मेरी सारी बात,
अरे कभी तो बिना बोले समझ ले मेरे दिल के जज्बात ,
कि तेरे दिए गम को भी मिटाने के लिए  भी ,
मुझे चाहिए तेरा ही साथ। #togetherness

Anshita Mishra

You are not here 
but your memories are there!
You are not here
but you are always with me in the way i love ourself!
You are not here
but your presence in my heart always there!
You are not here
but we are together there! #Togetherness