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R S Jaipuriar

White Our Constitution is the law to run our country with; we have our Fundamental rights to live in accordance with our choice at the same time to have duties to abide by. 
Yet there are more violations of rules of law than we have concerns to live in peace and harmony.  Everyone has selfish concerns of their own. Our Justice Delivery System lacks in merit of providing ways and means to get the country appropriately and adequately run the country in peace and harmony. The Goons ad Ruffians have the reigns in their hands in all fields. There are no crusader who can hold the pen.

©R S Jaipuriar #rajdhani_night  #Crusade #pen 

Udayan Dutta (শ্রীসূক্ত উদয়ন)

Bishamber Awankhia

Ashish Mishra

गम, खुशी, प्यार, बेवफाई...
हर जज़्बात पर बड़ा गौर करती हैं...
ए "कलम"  तू चुप रहकर भी कितना शोर करती हैं...!!

©Ashish Mishra #pen

Arjun Kumar

good working #Shayari

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Akhil Kael

Dip Pen love #Poetry

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Mukesh Yadav

8968753850 message me on full detailsonlineearning #Working #workfromhome #मोटिवेशनल

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kishori jha

I have q pen #Videos

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Jaymala Bharkade

#जातं_बाई...(Village working women) #मराठीकविता

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White जातं 

माय दळते ग  बाई 
एक एक दाणा भरडूनी 
गाते सुखी संसाराची ग गाणी 
दुःख कंठात गिळूनी 
जातं फिरते ग बाई गर-गर
संगे बांगड्याच नाद घुमे खळ- खळ

©Jaymala Bharkade #जातं_बाई...(Village working women)



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