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मरने वालों को जीना सिखाते हो

 जीने लगे हम तो जान निकाल लेते हो

 आसमानों के ख्वाब दिखाते हो

 और पैरों से जमीन छीन लेते हो


©Pankaj Verma fell 

#Moon #SAD #Mood

Gir Dairy

full moon #अनुभव

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its not only colours & festival
of full moon 🌝
it's  festival  of  lot  of   happiness, blessings, wishes for bro...
live long & healthy life  bro...

©Dhara full moon

Abdul Khaleel

full moon #Love

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. .and if
you’re quiet
you may hear
the wind 
in the language
of love
about my joy 
of knowing
I belong
to the Full Moon
and You

©Abdul Khaleel full moon

Sonia Lath

Full moon #changetheworld

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i want  to fly up in the sky,
like a kite or balloons.
flying so high to achieve my dreams.
my dreams are high,like moon in the sky
i want to shine bright.
moon shines in the night inspite of darkness,it fight to spread light every where.
i will fight like moon every night with my darkness,all around.
one day i will throw this darkness out of my life,
 i am a moon i will shine ,
when my time approach me ,like full moon night.

©Sonia Lath Full moon


Manojit Khan


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mute video

Ubaida khatoon Siddiqui

full moon🌙 #ज़िन्दगी

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Full moon🌙

©Ubaida khatoon Siddiqui full moon🌙