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Saksham Kaul

Poetry Storytelling. For Open Mic #dpf #OpenMicDelhi

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 #poetry #open mic

Alok Kashyap

For me #Mic #शायरी

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न अदा है, न अदाकारी है,
न कोई कला है, न कलाकारी है,
शब्दों का एक काफिला है, मेरे पास
और ALOK तुझे बोलने की बीमारी है।

©Alok Kashyap
  For me


Abhinav pandey

open mic poetry #Poetry

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open mic poetry

Aradhana Mishra

I know not what to do,
I know not which way to go,
What to say,
What to show,
In the last few glances that I had,
I know I had lost all my flow,
There is this inexplicable glow,
On my face that I feel,
But why,
Maybe I cannot justify,
Maybe I myself doesn't clearly know,
And I am trapped in this set up,
About which I earlier thought,
I am thorough,
But to my dismay,
I now couldn't gather any strength,
Nor I can borrow,
There is this hustle bustle all around me,
And inside a hollow,
A deep regret,
Or a sorrow, 
Maybe exactly not sorrow, 
But I am sorry, 
I wish I could pen down or spit out,
What's going on, in my blood pumping heart,
And my 3 pounds weighed brain,
I just wish,
But as my senses are becoming numb,
I may anytime succumb,
And I may sound totally foolish and dumb,
But excuse me,
I tried,
But everything went terribly wrong,
And now I forgot all my voices,
I am unable to utter a word of my tongue,
I am now clear,
I need to vanish,
As I cannot accomplish your wish,
I thought I could finish,
But now this has all turned up amiss,
Maybe not at all a bliss, 
But maybe, 
This was meant,
To end up like this..

©Aradhana Mishra #Stage #Mic #Fear #Poetry