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Shital Srivastava Emotions

Self Love quote # #Quotes

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First Love Yourself Then Others.

©Shital Srivastava Emotions Self Love quote #


#Quote #Self love

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# love for self respect # love for self # nojoto

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ZIndagi quotes Chalo naye rang bhare iss berang zindagi mein
Aao khud ki lakeerein badlein inn haathon mein
Kya rakha hai dusron ki zindagi banne mein
Aao aaj khud ko apni zindagi banayein iss nayi duniya mein!!! #NojotoQuote # love for self respect # love for self # nojoto

prithviraj Singh Chandel

Quote self quote love #Her

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When we met for the first time
we talked about the goals nd cars
That's my best memory of all time
She said Audi nd I said Lamborghini
I still remember that day those hours
found my bestie like Micky met minnie
It was only a wish in heart, not so many
I believe this is answer of all my prayers
Which Came true without the lantern of ginie..... Quote self quote #love #her

thirumalai vasan

Self quote for me ✍️

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Even though change may force you to make adjustments, it may also bring beautiful things into your life, and right now that's probably the case. But there is nothing to be afraid of, and if you choose a route based on fear, you could unintentionally encourage worry and anxiety.You are experiencing a mixture of anxiety and eagerness. You'll perform admirably if you put your pleasant attention on the anticipation. You might feel a change in the future. Self quote for me ✍️