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Aman Singh Yadav

#why do i love you??

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why do i love you??

"oh dear! There's a lot of reasons but I will do my best to keep it simple.i love you because you can bring me out of my sadness and make me the happiest person in the world with just a smile.i love you because you make me want to be a better person.i love you because of how you make me feel even when you are not around and love how you make me feel like I'm home but I love the small thing to like how my hand fits perfectly in yours,how nice and sweet your voice is ,how soft your lips are and honestly I know I am in love because I notice small things about you.i notice the freckles in your face after a day in the sun how pretty the colour of your eyes are how amazing your smile is.also when I'm able to make you laugh I feel so accomplished because I know that I am the reason you smile.and even when you tease the hell out of me I love it.evry minute of it.i love you

©Aman Singh Yadav #Why do i love you??

Akash Singh

That's why I love shayari #Shayari

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Sanjo kar rakhta hu main khudko jisme... 
Wo diary ho tum.....
Padhta rahu ta-umra lafz-ba-lafz.... 
Wo shayari ho tum.... 
                     :-Aakash Singh That's why I love shayari

Nilesh Vasava

why I always... #Trending Love #विचार

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I don't know why #Quotes nojoto #Trending #oneSided

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ab un baaton ko tu bhulne lagi thi
kehti hai ki meri bhul hui thi...... I don't know why #quotes #nojoto #trending #onesided

Hariom Suryawanshi

Why I Love Nojoto #my#Love

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nojoto ने भी ये क्या कर डाला!

हर एक click को love में बदल डाला !! 

I Love Nojoto Why I Love Nojoto #my#Love #Nojoto


why i love to right 😊 #Quote

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Do writing because its give relief to my soul, 
if someone is there to read what i write.... why i love to right 😊