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Arpit Singh

Love#half_imaginary poetry#Loving_pen_by_arpit #justme(Same mentioned below) #yqbaba#yqdidi ★She smells my heart★

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★She smells my heart★

Her presence in my life
Her glimpse in my journey
The Purity in her serene eyes
As the likes of lotus and lily
She smells my heart...

At the pinnacle peak
In a solo wandering
In the shining starry sky
At the last steps of my tired legs
She smells my heart...

In a situation of teary eyes
In a blow of saddened emotions
In a phase of emptied sorrows
In the beginning of dim and grim
She smells my heart...

In the stance of her innocent love
Still calm with patience and eloquence
Her softness with dawn and dusk
As the likes of sun is set or arise
She smells my heart...

She walks in my dream
Shines over my arms and kisses my chin
Hold my hand and move towards the heaven elite
As we are two Godsend virtues while one single spirit
She smells my heart... #Love#half_imaginary
#justme(Same mentioned below)

★She smells my heart★

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