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Sudhansu Senapati

Wrinkled skin of mankind,
In need of jabs of botox,
Tons of foundation to hide, 
Parlours working day and night,
Inner core on verge of petrified,
Bones crackling to crumble,
Soul gasping for breath,
Lost touch with its origin.

In search of the apothecary, 
That dispenses elixir of life,
Supreme alchemist invisible, 
My pilgrimage to be whistled.

 #life #ageing #skin #elixir_of_life

Kartik Prajapat

Tears- II Gulping Down #Nectar_tears #sheddingtears #Water #elixir_of_life #Kae

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I learned
to gulp down my tears,
enlivening for a while.
Inasmuch as they say -
water is the elixir of life.
 Tears- II Gulping Down
#nectar_tears #sheddingtears #water #elixir_of_life #kae

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