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Homo Sapien

As I took a walk in the morn #Nature #wordsworthy

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I was darting along the streets of my town,
Smirking at the passing oldies' frown.
The sun peeking from behind the rocks,
Like a kid plotting to pocket the cakes.

Perched on the pinnacle of the tree,
Is the cuckoo with its beak free.
It warbles an aesthetic tune,
And hides for the fear of being seen.

The foliages alongside look at their best,
With dew drops dripping down the crest.
That twinkle when the sunlit drops shimmer,
Propels me into the so-called linger.

The sheep bleating out to be milked,
The cocoons so scared to be silked.
Unfurled over all of us is the sky atop,
Bleeding turquoise blue down the orb.

I stared down at the ubiquitous Earth,
Musing how it loves all with such mirth.
And finally,emerges that smile of mine,
For the assets blessed by the king of shrine.

                                                                                       As I took a walk in the morn
#nature #wordsworthy

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