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#fifthdiarypage #dedicated to #sweetheart I want to tell my sweetheart to always stay Real and Same! #sister love #Friendship life

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Hey Sweetheart!💕
So today I want to tell you few things, but before that I want to ensure that you are the Real You! Because the real you is the one who will understand what I am going to say, so here I start. You know what you have a super power, a super power to handle all the situation confidently, yes! Sometimes you may also feel nervous but that's okay. You are capable of doing things the way, which only a few can do. You are really a talented person. And you know one more thing, when you smile, I feel like to smile too! Because your real smile can make anyone smile. Believe me Dude! And when you do all the crazy things, I really love that. My point is when you be the Real You, you are just amazing! So buddy, I want to request you to be the Real You always! And the world will seem to be a more beautiful place! So Keep Smiling, Be Happy, And I Love You So Much!
Your Sister By Heart #fifthdiarypage #dedicated #to #sweetheart 
I want to tell my sweetheart to always stay Real and Same!
#sister #love #friendship #life

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