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2 years ago

Ten best MS Dhoni quotes

In a shocking announcement ahead of the series against England, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has stepped down as India’s limited-overs captain on Wednesday (Jan 4).

MS Dhoni, however, will be available for selection as a player for the home series against England. Test skipper Virat Kohli will now lead the Indian side in limited overs format as well.
Dhoni is the only captain in history to have won all three International Cricket Council’s (ICC) global trophies – World Twenty20, World Cup and Champions Trophy.

MS Dhoni is known as “Captain Cool” not only for his on-field calmness but also for some of his famous off-field sayings.

Let’s check out the top ten quotes by Mahendra Singh Dhoni-

1. “You change my girlfriends every two days. Please let one continue for some time.”
(On media rumours about his relationship before his marriage)

2. “If you are not 100 percent fit and not at your best [and still play], it’s cheating”
(His view on half-fit players, hiding niggles to play)

3. “From Kishore Kumar, we have gone to Sean Paul.”
(On moving on to a younger side for ODIs after the Tests in Australia 2011/12)

4. “I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way.”

5. “Another 20 days and you can apply for citizenship”
(The feeling after India’s long tour of Australia in 2014-15)

6. “Whenever we have played with four fast bowlers, two things happen. One the captain gets banned, two we lose”

7. “It’s like having 100kg put over you. After that even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.”
(Dhoni on his view in handling additional pressure)

8.“If I am going to buy a life jacket which does not come with a warranty, that’s a bit of a hassle for me. Especially with the huge amount of money you have to spend for the DRS. I would prefer some kind of warranty for it. The moment it comes, I will be happy.”
[On his stance against the Decision Referral System (DRS)]

9.“You die, you die. You don’t see which is the better way to die.”
[Asked to choose between the whitewash in England (2011) and the whitewash in Australia (2011-12)]

10. “We are told that Mumbai is a city which is always on the move. See, me and my boys have brought the entire city to a standstill today.”
(His reaction after crowds thronged to welcome the team at a parade following the World T20 win.)

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