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Satyaprem Upadhyay

Srilatha Gugunta

#yqbaba #yqthoughts #SuperOver #Superior #superioritycomplex #Inferiority #Ambivalence Image courtesy: Google image Profound writers

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Surprisingly I do not feel any of these valuable pearls..
Superior quality excels in self, bringing exaltation..
Inferior quality is like brag being ungrateful..
The ambivalent thoughts inherit the passion..
And invades the beauty of the thought processing..
And poisonous substance pervades its fragrance..
Grandly, to the awaken heart and the mind..
To disgrace the human race and humanity into dust.. #yqbaba #yqthoughts #superover #superior #superioritycomplex #inferiority #ambivalence 

Image courtesy:
Google image
Profound writers

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