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Bhoomi Anand

Shayd log Sahi kehte hai ki ham bewakoof hai..🤔 #AmazingDay #WithoutYou #lifeisgood

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What an amazing day... 
Without you..
No more sadness..
Eyes without tears..
Lips with smile..
Face with no more tension...
Really..I was crying for you

 Shayd log Sahi kehte hai ki ham bewakoof hai..🤔 #amazingday #withoutyou #lifeisgood

Priya verma

I have a theory that the secret of marital happiness is simple: drink in different pubs to your other half. #AmazingDay #happiest #thankful #happychanukah #tissuepaper #Tb #happyus #HappyThursday #happykiddo #लव

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Mridul Jain

Happy Father's Day 🎈♥️ #myfathermypride #proudson #bestfather #loveyoupapa #AmazingDay nojoto #NojotoFamily

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My face is just a mirror of yours,
For me its a pride being a son of yours,
Paa you might not be a hero known to the world,
But you owe everything in my tiny world,
When i was a child you taught me to walk,
Tried so hard to make me talk,
You always kept your happiness apart,
Sacrificed alot to buy the gifts from all your heart,
As i grew up you taught me to choose right above the wrong,
You instilled in me the values that had made me so strong,
You taught me to face fears with a brave heart,
Now rejections & failures will never fall me apart,
Today also you are a friend to me,
When no one cares you are always there for me,
You are the one who can smell the pain behind my smile,
For me you are always on my speed dial,
Today n forever i wish to be your son,
For every birth i take i wish you always remains to me above n upon. Happy Father's Day 🎈♥️



Aahatein by Agnee  
 #Agnee #Aahatein #SplitsVilla #AmazingDay #Music #Live #Life #Love

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