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11 Common Style Mistakes
Mistake 1:

Blooper: Ignoring the fit

Correction: Get measured
You’re not fooling anyone by adding extra fabric to cover that beer belly. And you’re not going to look slimmer by wearing a size smaller either. Wear the suit you fit into, not the one you wish you fit into. If your trousers drag, jacket droops or sleeves are too long, find a tailor and get it fixed.

Mistake 2:

Blooper: All buttoned up
Correction: Know the rules
There are three ways to fasten your suit jacket. Take note. And always unbutton when you sit.
Mistake 3:

Does your shirt make you look like Johnny Bravo? Or resemble a blouson? A good fit isn’t limited to just your suits.

Mistake 4:

Blooper: The longest yard
Correction: Cut it down
Men tend to believe that longer is better. And while that might be the case in some situations, your cuffs and trousers don’t make the list. Our guide on the right tells you what to watch out for.
Mistake 5:

Blooper: All flash
Correction: Strike a balance
Shiny suits might seem passé - cheesy vintage Bollywood over 2015 cool – but really, everyone from GQ Best-Dressed dude Ranveer Singh to Will Smith is sporting them right now. Just control the sheen: a baller suit with a matte black shirt and subtle accessories.

Mistake 6:

Blooper: Cleavage
Correction: Is for women because
a) you’re not a member of 1D, and
b) no one wants to see the shiny expanse that is your newly waxed chest. Do us all a favour and simply cover up.

Mistake 7:

Blooper: Wrong brief
Correction: Choose carefully
Your boxers popping out of your Fubu jeans was admissible ten years ago. You gotta keep it classy now, especially if you’re wearing white trousers. They tend to be transparent in sunlight, so match the colour of your briefs or boxers to your pants.

Mistake 8:

Blooper: The sandwich wallet
Correction: Kill the bulge
Don’t carry all your cash in your wallet. Keep it slim, and invest in a slick leather card holder instead.

Mistake 9:

Blooper: Socks + sandals
Correction: Get a pedicure
Pairing socks with sandals is an absolute no-no — there’s never an appropriate occasion to wear them together. If you are going to wear them, make sure your nails are cut and your feet are clean.

Mistake 10:

Even when casual, keep it smart. Tuck in your shirt and buy the right T-shirt length. Throw on a belt and slip into loafers for added points.
Mistake 11:

Blooper: Bling bling
Correction: Discretion is key
There’s a fine line between looking cool and looking like Soulja Boy (yes, this is a bad thing). We suggest keeping your bling limited to a quality watch.

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