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भाwaना रai🌺

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SUPPORT (Based on Real Life)

She was villager and uneducated as well. He was villager too but with education loaded in his head. Both got married with each other. They had little daughter
Their family condition was so weak that he got insane. But somehow her wife manage to recover his brain.He went out of town,state and country by leaving his wife and doll with his parents. He then got up, walked and ran. 

He worked so hard that he got scholarship from Maharashtra government. He got an opportunity to research in pune and then Sweden.
Small town boy went out of state and then out of country. It took 6 years for him to get these things done
But he never forgot his wife and doll. He took with him. She was uneducated and didn't have the royal way to live. 

He educated her, taught her to study, speak,sit, stand without any hesitation. He accepted her the way she is. 
Within 5 years she was so well educated that she was capable of everything.She helped him in all his activity including the financial and research area. 

This story might not be so interesting, its just to tell you all that don't hesitate to teach anything to your love ones. Instead of getting ashamed of their habits, teach them. Even you learned and if you would live in same environment even you'll be the same, ISN'T IT? #basedonrealstory#support 
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