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Ujjawal Kumar

Being close to the office and bosses are not always easy. You are separated from your colleagues. 
Every time, you are pointed for the things turning wrong. Whatever you, however you and most importantly for whoever you do, one day you have to be left alone because there are moments when you are left literally all alone.

 You have to pay the prices by loosing hearts, friends, colleagues  guess what even the students who once loved you being gentle and soft hearted. You become serious, aloof and alone. Secrets, rumours and most importantly you have to put all the venom which has been put into mind from either sides sometimes. 

No matter what how hard you try to maintain this balance but the struggle is actually really and perhaps only you know it. Hopeless fake smiles adorn you and all this is for what you desire and wish to be remain that is a teacher with kids. Sleepless and restless nights become common and yes, there's rarely anyone to understand . Yes,the good thing is you feel like the pivot of a giant wheel, each spoke of the rim supporting you knowingly or unknowingly .  I don't know how much right I am while saying this but someone needs to take pain and may be this is that makes someone a better person


©Ujjawal Kumar #Teacher  

Teachers Confessions

Teacher Teachers Confessions #Life #stories_of_an_introvert_heart

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Ujjawal Kumar

Most obvious truth which one often fails to understand- 

"I am not perfect.
The thing is that  you who expected perfection and I just couldn't match your expectations."

#Stories_of_an_introvert_heart .

©Ujjawal Kumar #Hopeless

Ujjawal Kumar

It's good that there's nothing to write and therefore it's better than I can write literally anything that  I want to write.

I never knew that I would end this way but I am happy for a fresh start, a start which I needed extremely.


©Ujjawal Kumar #SunSet

Ujjawal Kumar


Had she said something to the wind? 
He thought, 'yes she did' because the wind that blew came up with an ooze and sensation that made him realise  something of his beloved. #stories_of_an_introvert_heart

Ujjawal Kumar


He couldn't see her image even when he closed his eyes. 

This was the hardest punishment that he had been ever given.

The smile and the face was enough to give him the strength to survive but ah....

Once more he had to face the test  of time. #stories_of_an_introvert_heart

Ujjawal Kumar

The least you can do to live in someone's heart  is being yourself. #stories_of_an_introvert_heart

Ujjawal Kumar

He uttered his emotions, 
They took as Stories.

Life he lived on earth, and not in stellar
Everyone felt, he is a good story teller. #stories_of_an_introvert_heart

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