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Find the Best OpenMicDelhi Shayari, Status, Quotes from top creators only on Nojoto App. Also find trending photos & videos about i found your love in the open fields, sap ports to open in firewall, my life is an open book, without password how to open facebook, _ you open the door please,

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Meena Singh Meen

#myperformance #OpenMicDelhi #एहसासlife प्रशांत की डायरी Ravi vibhute Satyajeet Roy Anshu writer Rakhee ki kalam se #ज़िन्दगी

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yash shukla

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Shivam Musafir

सुबह के चार बजे हैं,
और मैं व्हाट्सएप्प चला रहा हूँ ।

ये तो कुछ और बात है,
दरअसल मैं उसको भुला रहा हूँ।

यूँ अक़्सर उसकी DP को,
zoom कर देता हूँ मैं ।

ख़ुद जगकर, साँसों की थपकियों से
शायद उसको सुला रहा हूँ मैं । 
...///..//.. शिवम " मुसाफ़िर " #यादें #nojoto #openmicdelhi

Nojoto Hindi (नोजोटो हिंदी)

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Saksham Kaul

Poetry Storytelling. For Open Mic #dpf #OpenMicDelhi

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Nojoto Events

Nojoto Open MIC Delhi 2.0 At Kunzum Travel Cafe #OpenMIC OpenMic #OpenMicDelhi #Delhi #Poetry #NojotoOpenMIC

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 Nojoto Open MIC Delhi 2.0 

At Kunzum Travel Cafe

#OpenMIC #NojotoOpenMic #OpenMicDelhi #Delhi

Satyaprem Upadhyay

Everytime I see Amazing Talents at Open Mic, My Heart beats faster, and it makes me realize we are on the righ path. 

I feel If I could stand on Top of the Mountain and Shout

"Hey, Lets Unite, and Show the World these Talents". 

But I am a Human Being, I wish if all of you could feel the same, and add amazing people at Nojoto, so that we TOGETHER can show the world. 

Share your feedback/ideas in the comments, so that we together can rock it. 

 #OpenMic #OpenMicDelhi

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