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All about dentistry By Dr Aqib Hassan

#Billions of smiles in this world but yrs it my #favorite #nojotophoto

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 #billions of smiles in this world but yrs it my #favorite

Chandan Shukla

nojoto #Peoples

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FACES. #nojoto #peoples

Saroj Sundaray

nojoto #Life #story

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Once you understand one simple fact that if you will not exist from tomorrow then your father may cry for some years,your siblings may cry for some months,your friends may cry for some days,your neighbours may cry for some minutes but the person who will cry for the rest of her life is your mom. So my question is all that matters in your life is your mom,so for whom you are doing sacrifices, for whom you are groveling, to whom you want to impress. You are among billions of people who are existing on billions of planets, which are existing on billions of galaxies, which are existing in billions of universe. Your existance is just like a drop of water in a ocen. Remember the world owes you for nothing. After understanding this there will be no agony,no ego,no hatefullness,no anger in you.You will be a "STITHAPRAGYAN" who neither disheartens in sorrow nor celebrates in joy.The very basic reason of our existance is how much value we are adding to someone's life. #nojoto #life

Daksh Kataria

A mistake can cost you million.
But a lesson learned can bring back  billions.. #learnedlessons

Archana Kumari

#Nojoto *An old composition* *My Fav one* ****Thats the dream of every gal*** Right na❤️ 😌 #Poetry #archie

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Who is "My Dream's Man"?

HE is...
The one who puts smile on my lips when I am sad,
The one who helps me in forgetting all my pains,
The one who understands my silence more than my words,
The one who takes care of all my needs,
The one who knows my flaws but still wants me in his life,
The one who is naughty but  only with me,
The one who proudly says that 'she is only mine'
The one who chooses only me in billions,
The one whom i choose in billions.
Thats HE only "My dream's Man"



*An old composition* *My Fav one*

****Thats the dream of every gal***

Right na❤️ 😌

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