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priya dharshini

ROAD #Road #jouney

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Kunal Choudhary

We are like the earth and the sky, two parallel lines running together in search for horizon but destined towards an endless journey #jouney

vinay tiwari

#Journey #jouney without destiny #Loneliness

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starting again #writersnetwork #original_content

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Starting again,
Journey of all the hardships,
Journey of all the pain,
Jouney of all the efforts,
Journey in the heat of sun,
Jouney in falling rain,
Its not that simple,
To restart all at once,
Which took all the effort of years,
And all the achievements we had got,
And all the goals we had to gain.
Since, the battle has been lost,
And, I have been declared as a failure,
So, I am starting again. #NojotoQuote starting again
#writersnetwork #original_content

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