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Sweet Sour

#Collab #whenyouleave #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba #leaveandlive

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I don't wanna feel your presence nearby also.
You leave no trace of yours.. 

Leave and Let Live! #collab #whenyouleave #yourquoteandmine
Collaborating with YourQuote Baba 


#repost #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with Harsh Snehanshu #leaveandlive

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Some have to leave,
For the others to live. #repost  #YourQuoteAndMine
Collaborating with Harsh Snehanshu


asmita Chandane

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Aneesha Gupta


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When you leave, You live!

Live for what today has to offer and leave what yesterday has taken #leaveandlive

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