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#Anime ##Cart #News

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Aisa Sochana bhi nahi 😡 . . Please 🙏 Like 👍 Share Comment #Funny #FunnyVideo #Thinking #Friend #Precious #angry #shock #Cart #मीम

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Kind people are always taken for granted! #Broken #SAD #lonely

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When you have a soft heart
Then people see it as a cart

They just add it to the cart
and never buy. Kind people are always taken for granted!
#broken #sad #lonely

Rakesh Kumar Dogra

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Lesson: Useless teaches you a lot.

An old guy walking through the lanes of old age home and thinking
"Once upon a time I used Bullock's cart as mode of journey."

But Why the bull is in the Museum 
cart is not .

एक बुज़ुर्ग अपने अनाथ आश्रम के अहाते में टहल रहा था।
और सोच रहा था

“एक ज़माना था जब मेरे आने जाने के लिए बैल-गाड़ी यातायात का एक मात्र साधन था………..?”

कार्ट अजायब घर में है और बूढ़ा बैल ? अनाथ आश्रम में।

अजायब-घरों में जगह पाने के लिए आपका अजूबा होना भी ज़रूरी है।

भाwaना रai🌺


I loved you, I thought you too.
Didn't understood what to do.
Care for you ran in my heart,
Tried my best to fill your cart.

Cart was filled, you were bright,
Suddenly you left me and my sight.
Plenty of promise you made for me,
You refused and denied for we.

If was wrong you would corrected,
Why so fake that you acted.
Each little wish of yours I viewed,
Tried my best and made it true.
All you want was money and not my efforts, 
I was just an object so you flirt.

My love for you and your love for me was never alike,
I loved you from soul and all my sight,
 Feelings for you crashed my eyes;
Till today now and then, 
Embarrassed for loving why and when #onspecialdemand#foryoufaizan#betrayal