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Recap... Zoi, an albatross chick bird, along with

Zoi, an albatross chick bird, along with other albatross chicks, are left alone on Layson Island by their parents and now face the most challenging phase of their lives if they have to survive—their maiden flight into the ocean. Unaware of tiger sharks waiting below for a feast, a black-footed albatross lifts off into the sea, only to splash land in the waters, waiting for the wind to propel its take-off.

Zoi (Part 8)
All the other young ones on the beach, including Zoi, look at him sitting on the water. Others get motivated, and one by one, they follow suit and are airborne for their maiden flight. Zoi also tries and unsuccessfully lands back at the beach.
The first young Albatross is still gearing for its next takeoff and waits for the wind to provide the necessary lift. However, the tiger shark lurking behind 
appears uninterested in waiting 
and pounces on the young one, 
which tries desperately to escape the shark's sharp jaws by frantically flapping its wings and quacking out at the top of its voice as if calling out for its parents, who are thousands of kilometres away over the Pacific Ocean, unaware that its young one is struggling between life and death with little chance of survival.
 Zoi stares at the attack and helplessly watches the young Albatross completely being sucked into the jaw of the tiger shark! Zoi quacks and walks a couple of steps here and there. Other young ones, too, quack and look confused. They all get rooted to their spots as they watch the tiger sharks mercilessly kill their companions one by one. However, very few young ones successfully pull themselves out of the dreadful jaws of the sharks before flying far above the ocean to live just like their parents. But yes, to get here, all these young ones must overcome the dangerous barriers of tiger sharks!
To be continued...

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#Birds #Ocean #survival #zoi #ALBATROSS #Life #Sharks #Netflix #Documentary IMAGE SOURCE: NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY