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ZOI ( Part 2) Every bird appearing on the horizo

ZOI ( Part 2)

Every bird appearing on the horizon brings hope to these chicks. Zoi continues to gaze into the ocean, braving the rain, wind, and heat. He seems to be optimistic, which keeps his hope alive.

After a couple of days, a parent Albatross appears on the horizon, and Zoi quacks in anticipation. Indeed, the Albatross is carrying food. As the bird reaches Laysan Island, it turns out to be a black-footed albatross, parent to another chick. A gloomy Zoi stares at the lucky chick, who will be fed soon. The parent Albatross approaches its chick and opens its mouth to feed it.
Starving, Zoi couldn't resist its hunger and tried its luck approaching the parent of the lucky chick. But clearly, for the mother, its family comes first. It pokes Zoi very hard, forcing Zoi to the ground, and Zoi quacks helplessly in pain. Incapable of doing anything, Zoi keeps staring at the mother feeding her young one. It slowly gets up, turns to the horizon, and regains its old position, waiting to see its parents flying in. 
Zoi's feather began to flutter in the winds,
forcing it to close its eyes. But still, it keeps 
its eyes open,gazing far into the endless ocean.
Zoi did not want to miss the sight of its parents 
appearing on the horizon.

To be continued....

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