Blitz Poem - Life is tough (read in caption) #Noj

"Blitz Poem - Life is tough (read in caption) #NojotoQuote"

Blitz Poem - Life is tough
(read in caption)  #NojotoQuote

Blitz Poem - Life is tough (read in caption) #NojotoQuote


Life is Tough

A globe known for its beauty
a globe that supports life
Life in numerous forms
life which makes the globe unique
Unique in terms of beauty
unique in terms of variety
Variety is the spice of life
variety is essential
Essential to remove drudgery
essential to kill monotony
Monotony has several synonyms
monotony makes our lives dull
Dull routine, dull souls
dull bodies, dull minds
Minds must be fresh
minds must be happy
Happy in order to enjoy
happy in order to work
Work can be boring
work is a necessity
Necessity compels us to work
necessity forces us to think
Think about our past and future
think about our present
Present may be tense
present may be full of problems
Problems can weaken us
problems can make us strong
Strong enough to face life
strong enough to survive
Survive in the race
survive in the competition
Competition which is cutthroat
competition pitting man against man
Man is a greedy being
man has always striven for progress
Progress needn't be material
progress alone can't guarantee happiness
Happiness is a sense of contentment
happiness comes in small bits
Bits and pieces of joy
bits and pieces meant for sharing
Sharing and caring makes us happier
sharing our joy and sorrows is important
Important because life is short and uncertain
important because life is tough and painful
Tough times can become slightly easier
tough lives become less painful if we learn to share

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