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Recap... For quite a while, Zoi, an albatross chi


For quite a while, Zoi, an albatross chick bird, along with other albatross chicks, have been stranded on Layson Island without their parents, and now it's time for them to fly into the open ocean to live their lives. However, they must overcome the risk of being forced to land in the water (since this is their first flight) and become a meal for the ravenous tiger sharks. In fact, the merciless killing has already begun, and Zoi has been observing since he, too, has to face the same challenge, failing which he would end up as a feast to one of the sharks!

Zoi (Part 10)

Zoi prepares for the takeoff and takes a few back-forth steps to warm up. If he reaches the open ocean, he will be a free bird without touching the land again for five years. But he has to overcome his first landing in the seawater, where the tiger sharks are waiting impatiently. He knows this is not a child's game, even though he is a child now. 

There is no second chance or room for error as he watches the sharks kill other young albatrosses. He looks around before waiting for the right gust of wind to lift him up. 
Finally, it's time to fly; he flutters his wing wide open. Leaving Laysan Island on his maiden voyage would be Zoi's most dangerous journey. 
As the right gust of wind arrives, he begins his runway, spreading his wings. Now, for the first time in his life, he is airborne. Flying over the waves, he tries to cover up the shark-infested areas, but fate has other plans. The breeze suddenly drops, and Zoi splashes back into the water.
The camera captures a tiger shark swimming beneath the surface, providing a clear image of Zoi on top. The shark below has already assessed the distance and enhanced its pace to attack Zoi. 

To be continued...

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