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Zoi ( Part 4 ) Zoi, the albatross bird chick, has

Zoi ( Part 4 )

Zoi, the albatross bird chick, has been waiting on Laysan Island for weeks for its parents to arrive with some food. Other chicks, whose parents had arrived, were fortunate enough to receive food. But patiently, Zoi waits for his parents.

Zoi is seen waiting on the Laysan beach, braving the weather for another three weeks, and finally, quacking in excitement, looking at the horizon. One of its parents appears from the horizon and, within minutes, lands on the Island close to Zoi. It seems like Zoi's father
has arrived. Having spent their lives so long apart, they must renew their bond before feeding. The father albatross then begins to feed
our starving Zoi. Its paradise found for Zoi. But the saddest part is far from over; it is said that this could be the last meal Zoi has ever been fed, and it almost certainly contains plastic. Zoi begins to chirp and quack in happiness, wanting to have food and meet his dear father after a long time. They look at each other, and the father fondles Zoi for some time. But this beautiful moment is short-lived for Zoi. The father quacks for some time, slowly turns away from Zoi, and begins to walk in the opposite direction towards the waters before flying out to a life of travelling the Pacific Ocean, mostly never returning. Zoi looks at his dear father, disappearing into the horizon. 
His sad feelings are heard as a couple of quacks as he tries to bear this separation. If only he had known that meeting his parents again might not be on the cards of his destiny. Zoi is left alone to its fate,
like all other lonely Albatross chicks on Layson Island, who have to make a quick decision to proceed with their maiden flight to
overcome the uncertainty ahead.

The plastic has indeed reached Zoi's stomach, and he, too, begins to choke! He could throw up all the hard-to-digest parts like squid,
beaks, and bones, but ejecting plastic was more challenging.
Luckily, he eventually managed to do so.

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