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#Savewater #savelife
Read, if u understand then like share and comment 👇👇👇it's not only a poem it's a big problem which is coming over us like corona.
और ये ऐसी बिमारी होगी जिसके लिए कोई medicine nahi hogi nah sanitizer, न artificial 💧 water becoz Water is the source of life which nature🌿🍃 gives us and if we will not take it seriously then you better know the meaning of #extinction.
It's a pray to u people Don't waste water and save us no one will help us if the nature will 😡angry. 🙏🙏🙏please try to understand. Surbhi Agrawal कवि सुरेश 'अनजान' Surbhi Agrawal Vishi Agrawal shivam kumar mishra

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