You, a science lover. I, a philospher. You, a scie

"You, a science lover. I, a philospher."

You, a science lover.
I, a philospher.

You, a science lover. I, a philospher.

You, a science lover.
I, a philospher.

You see moon as the only natural satellite of the earth, and I see moon as someone drowned in the waves of the ocean.

You tell me stars are million light years away. I tell you they are sitting beside the moon
whispering their love in his ears.

You tell me the moon's gravitational pull is strong enough to cause the tides in the ocean. I tell you ocean is tired of living apart from the moon.

You tell me even light can't escape from the black hole. I tell you about the bird whose wings are cut in a cage.

You tell me season changes beacuse of the earth axis of rotation being tilted. I tell you about the bloosom in spring, a jealous sun in summer, the dancing clouds in moonsoon, the pain of falling apart in autumn, and the cold of heart in winter.

You tell me to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I tell you about how karma works.

You tell me the clouds form when the water vapour in the air condenses into water droplets. I tell you its the pain of sky that takes the form of droplets.

You tell me how the gravity pulls two objects close to each other. I tell you how your smile is enough to pull me towards you.

You tell me rainbow is because of the refraction of light in raindrops. I tell you its the ecstasy that heaven feels on touching the earth.

You tell me a shooting star is a meteoroid falling into the Earth's atmosphere and burning up. I tell you that a star is leaving its home to grant us wishes.

You talk about facts and
experiments. I talk about poems and stories.

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