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"A Twisted Love Story (Part 1)"

A Twisted Love Story
(Part 1)

Natasha Kapoor was flying back home. Home! How she missed home and her parents. It had been almost a month since she saw them. She was an only child of her parents and at the age of 24,they were still very protective of her. She remembered how hard it had been to persuade her parents to let her come to Pakistan. She was one of the doctors working with Medecins Sans Frontieres. MSF helped people worldwide where the need was greatest,delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflicts,epidemics,disasters or exclusion from health care. It had been her first project with MSF and she liked helping underprivileged people.

Somebody sat next to her and pulled her out of her reverie. She saw a beautiful couple with a cute boy aged about 5. The boy was restless and his parents had to settle him down. The woman gave her a polite smile and started a conversation. They had been chatting when a guy moved past them through the aisle. The guy stopped for a minute and looked at her. Natasha felt someone staring at her and looked up. There was a guy looking at her intently. The first thought that came to Natasha's mind was how handsome he was. She had stopped mid-sentence and was staring at him. The woman looked from her to the guy she was staring at and cried out, 'Rehaan Khan ... Rehaan Khan!' The guy..err..Rehaan Khan flashed her a beautiful smile and proceeded to take his seat. The woman ran after him and Natasha heard her ask him for an autograph. So he was a celebrity! He must be a movie star,thought Natasha. When the woman came back, she was gleefully smiling. She told her how big a fan of Rehaan Khan she was! He was her favourite pop star. She kept talking about him...

Natasha glanced at Rehaan Khan and realised he was looking at her. She quickly looked away.
Rehaan couldn't help but smile. She was really beautiful. He would like to know her..be with her. He was deep in thoughts when the air hostess started giving instructions. He blocked her out and tried to get some sleep. They had been airborne for almost half an hour when he heard shrieks from around him. He woke up with a start. He saw three men holding guns. One of them announced that they had hijacked the plane. Some people started crying, others were screaming. The terrorists intimidated the people into silence. One of them went to the cockpit,while other two kept guard.
Natasha was terrified. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She thought she was never going to see her parents again. The thought made her dizzy and she felt as if she was going to pass out. Then all of a sudden she saw Rehaan Khan getting up from his seat and tackle one of the terrorists, it all happened in a flash. Rehaan pushed him down and throttled him. The second man came ready to gun him down but Rehaan lunged at him snatching the gun away from him. He then hit the man with the butt of the gun and knocked him unconscious. The third terrorist came out running but before he could do anything Rehaan shot him down. It was all over within minutes.
Rehaan walked into the cockpit and showed the pilot his I.D. which stated he was an ISI agent. Then he ordered him to fly back to Lahore.

P.S. It's a figment of my imagination. I don't intend to disparage any nation, community or religion.

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""God doesn't let your dreams come true sometimes lest they should turn into nightmares.""

"God doesn't let your dreams come true sometimes lest they should turn into nightmares."


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""One feels sad when one loses, but one feels sadder when one's friend wins. That's the lamentable reality.""

"One feels sad when one loses, but one feels sadder when one's friend wins. That's the lamentable reality."


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"A Twisted Love Story (Part 8)"

A Twisted Love Story
(Part 8)

'I choose Rehaan.',said Natasha without a second thought. Her parents were shocked to hear that. Mrs. Kapoor started crying while Mr. Kapoor was furious. He said, 'this is not the end but the beginning.' Natasha tried to calm him down but it was in vain so she left with Rehaan.


Back in Lahore...

One morning Rehaan and Natasha woke up with pouring of calls...And they got shocked by what the callers had to say or rather ask... Rehaan got up and opened the door and grabbed the newspaper. The front page screamed,'THE POPSTAR'S KIDNAPPED BRIDE.'

Apparently Natasha's father had roused the media telling them about her abduction. And he had succeeded in giving it a religious semblance. In his interview with the newspapers he had appealed for help saying that his Hindu daughter was kidnapped by a Muslim guy....and he needed his daughter back.

In no time, the story was all over social media...Everyone was talking about the one thing only...The Hindu faction was up in arms against Rehaan. They held a protest march and demanded justice for Natasha. The reporters mobbed Rehaan and Natasha's house. The calls were coming day and night asking to talk to Natasha...Things were getting worse day by day as the the public prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Rehaan.

Natasha was distressed. 'What if they break us apart?',said she to Rehaan. 'I am so scared...I love you so much Rehaan. I can't live without you.' 'Neither can I...I love you so much.',said Rehaan. 'But don't worry, no one can break us apart...no one can take you away from me...we belong together and we will fight the world together.'

In court...

The public prosecutor called Natasha in the stand and asked,'Were you forced to marry Rehaan Khan?
Natasha was in dilemma...Should she commit perjury?...As it was true that Rehaan had forced her to marry him but it was equally true that they loved each other. What should she say,'yes or no'! At one side was her father and other side was her Rehaan. If she said yes, she would hurt her love,her life,her Rehaan. If she said no,she would hurt her father.
'Ms. Natasha... please answer',said the public prosecutor. Natasha was speechless. She looked at Farhan and found him looking at her with all the love in the world. And she realized what she needed to say.
'Ms. Natasha..please don't be afraid...You are not alone...We are with you...You don't need to be scared of Rehaan Khan anymore...Just say yes and he will be behind the bars.'
Natasha finally found her voice and answered,'No...I married him on my own accord as we love each other.

'The case is dismissed.',said the judge.
Natasha ran to Rehaan and he scooped her up in his arms. They left the court hand in hand smiling.

The End.

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"A Twisted Love Story (Part 7)"

A Twisted Love Story
(Part 7)

Natasha's parents were speechless with shock at first. Her dad was too moved to speak. Her mother was sobbing. 'Don't worry..I am blissfully happy...Rehaan loves me so much and I love him dearly too.', said Natasha breaking the silence. Her parents couldn't believe what she had said. 'How could she love someone who had kidnapped her?',thought they. Something must be amiss. They asked Natasha to unpack and rest. She hugged them and went to her room.

'I think we must consult a good psychiatrist...she seems to be suffering from a 'Stockholm Syndrome.',said Mr. Kapoor. 'I will talk to her first.',said Mrs. Kapoor.

'Natasha, we need to talk.',said Mrs. Kapoor. 'Sure mom...we need to catch up on so many things.',said Natasha.
'What has happened has happened...But you are in England now...You don't need to be afraid of Rehaan anymore...We are with you now.',said her mom. 'But mom, I am not afraid of Rehaan...I love him.'said Natasha.
'It's not love but you are suffering from a 'Stockholm Syndrome'...All you need is a good psychiatrist.',said Mrs. Kapoor. 'Mom, I am perfectly ok...I am not suffering from any syndrome...I really love Rehaan and I can't live without him.',said Natasha.

Natasha and her mom had a prolonged argument. Her dad also joined in. But couldn't sway Natasha...Finally he told her that she was not supposed to see Rehaan anymore. She must forget about him.

At night, Natasha called Rehaan and told him everything. 'Well, I had expected such a reaction from them.',said he. 'What do we do now?...They are not ready to listen to me...They don't understand.'said Natasha. 'I don't blame them..any parents would have reacted the same way...But you don't worry...I'm coming there tomorrow and we'll talk to them.',said Rehaan.

The Next Morning...

'I am sorry for what I have done...But I really love Natasha and will always keep her happy.',said Rehaan to Natasha's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor ignored him...and Mr. Kapoor said to Natasha,'You'll have to choose between Rehaan and us.'

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