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Sunil thakur Sunil

namo Namo namh

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namo Namo namh

Yuvraj Verma

name meaning

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you are an ideal person and one is the best hobey you do hard work but one of your bad hobey you don't want work hard becoz you always do fun and i hope you get up early in morning and you always care other person but you don't care your bcoz you don't think about yourself and i hope you an obeyed person of your parents and 
 Whatever you say is less about you and you always be there for you, you are not afraid to speak your mind and you can wild, crazy and gun but steel care about your college work 
                         Ambika❤️ name meaning


motivational quotes in hindi meaning in #Knowledge

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motivational quotes in hindi meaning in #Motivational

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Teja Ravi Ranjan

name word meaning #Funny

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 name word meaning

Er. Shiv Prakash Tiwari

My name meaning.

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S	is for serious, not always joking.

H	is for hopeful, you see the bright side of things

I	is for instill, the lesson of life.

V	is for verve! Your enthusiasm!

P	is for patriot, your love of country.

R	is for respect, earned through your actions

A	is for achievements, the many over a lifetime

K	is for keen, your sense of honesty.

A	is for adventure, take a new one today

S	is for sensitive, another side shows.

H	is for honor, your most valuable possession.

 My name meaning.