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Corporate Gifting Culture For 2018...
(Let’s Celebrate Art & Wrap your Feelings into Gifts…)

Nowadays Corporate Gifting is considered very essential for creating Goodwill amongst Clients, Employees & Associates. Corporate Gifts are the Best tool for Business Promotion. There can be so many Gifts type such as Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Thanking you Gift, Congratulations Gift, Motivational Gifts and Promotional Gifts. Here, I m going to tell you about the Best Corporate Gifts for 2018 to encourage your employees & attracting your clients.

Corporate gifts for Clients:

Attracting clients is always the primary goal for any Company or Organisations. Never Forget your running Customers always maintain a record of their Birthday, Anniversary. For Premium Clients Antique Wall Clocks can be an Elegant gift to Attract them. They look so Beautiful & Attractive while mounted on a wall in a room. You can also add your Brand name that will help you in your Business Promotion. There are variety of Antique Wall Clocks available in market such as Railway clock/Station clock, Brass Cutting Antique Wall Clock, Peacock Antique wall clock and many more.

Corporate Gifts for Employees:

The main motive behind Corporate Gifting is to motivate your employees because they are Backbone of your company or organization. Your gifts should be creative & useful for them. An Antique Dry Fruit Box/Chocolate Box with full of Dry Fruits/Chocolates can be really a nice option for them and can be gifted on Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Chirstmas, New Year.

Always keep in mind your Gift should look Beautiful & Packed well. Presentation matters a lot. Gift Wrapping should always be Creative. I hope you all like my post about Corporate Gifting culture for 2018.

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Thank you Almighty...

I am the luckiest person on this world
Because gAlmighty blessed me with the gift of gold

Not that gold which only makes the physical appearance attractive
But that one which makes the soul and whole life impressive

Calling that gift as gold is wrong
Giving that gift a name,i should first think long

Let me call it a Diamond
The most costly thing,worthy than a kings ransom

Diamond is not worthy to be compared with my gift
It is unique and priceless because no alternative to it will exist

I am excited and full of bliss
Because that gift is none other than my princess

Hey! My sweet Heart,I love you and you are my life
I will never leave you and definitely will make you my wife

Thank you Almighty for blessing me with Mercy
Because Mercy is the only one whom with still play like a kid of nursery


#thank you

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( Raphael Gray (born 1982 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein) is a British computer hacker who, at the age of 19, hacked computer systems around

the world over a period of six weeks as part of a multi-million pound credit card mission. He then proceeded to publish credit card

details of over 6,500 cards as an example of weak security in the growing number of consumer websites. Gray was able to break into the

secure systems using an £800 computer he bought in his home town Clynderwen, Pembrokeshire, Wales. After publishing the credit card

info on his websites, Gray posted a personal message saying law enforcers would never find him "because they never catch anyone. The

police can't hack their way out of a paper bag."

He was tracked down by ex-hacker Chris Davis who was insulted by Gray's "arrogance". It took Davis under a day to find Gray's

information, which he then forwarded to the FBI.  ")

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My father gave me the invitation card
And said you are gonna get married soon. 
I shouted that I won't because
Iam in love with someone.
He said yes I knew,
Thats why I wanted to send u soon.
I cried and begged to stop
He said your selection is choice but
My selection will be the final decision.
I cried out of tears...
He came closer and wiped my eyes, 
Opened the invitation card and
Said your choice will be my final decision...
So Please tell me, 
Is this style wedding card is ok for you both??

#nojotoquotes #Quote #father #daughter #Affection #Marriage

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सोचिये जरा हमारे माता पिता
हमारे लिए जिन्दगी भर
 Debit card और Credit card
बन कर रहते है और हम सही से 
कभी उनका Addhar card 
भी नही बन पाते

true one Nojoto hemant Nojoto News Divya Jain Arun Raina

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