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Respect, love and trust #RESPECT #Love #Trust

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Respect, love and trust

Respect is crucial in a relationship
Love starts with companionship 
Trust belongs with courtship

Respect is needed to thrive
Love keeps us alive
Trust is what you must strive

Respect each others past
Love comes in a flash
Trust no need to ask

Respect must be reciprocated
Love will be indicated
Trust then will be integrated

Respect and use reinforcement
Love will cause excitement
Trust is so very important


©Schizology Respect, love and trust

#respect #love #trust

Shristy Singh

always respect your partner love is all about respect and trust .. #Love #Quotes

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There is no competition between love and respect but if you have to choose one then choose respect......
The first condition of love is respect.
A person who can't give you respect can't successfully be in a relationship.
Love is hungry for respect and if it doesn't get respect then love dies slowly..

ALWAYS  RESPECT YOUR PARTNER always respect your partner 
love is all about respect and trust ..

Alisha Nadaf(AN)

#Quotes Love And Trust

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It doesn't matter how much you loves me,
but it matters how much trust me. #quotes Love And Trust

Swechha S

Just after Respect and before Love/bond, comes TRUST... #28Sept #Trust #Thoughts

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Next time when you tell someone
You Trust Them, please do,
Don't just quote.

©Swechha S Just after Respect and before Love/bond, comes TRUST...
#28Sept #Trust

prithviraj Singh Chandel

love #Care #RESPECT #Trust

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When you left
all my memories have been theft,
the dreams everything's gone I kept.
When you left 
after that life seem never ever perfect,
and then my heart never took the rest.
When you left
to keep you I tried my best,
but all my efforts was waste.
When you left
my heart went dry and eyes got wet,
all i can do is cry with a great regret.
When you left 
I started seeing myself with hate,
even you'd never come still I wait. #love #care #respect #trust

Preeti Devi

love trust #Reallty #RESPECT #विचार

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प्यार, विश्वास, सम्मान यह एसी चीजे हैं 
जो कभी भी माँग कर या ज़बर्दस्ती, छिन कर पाया नहीं जा सकता है

©Preeti Devi #love trust #reallty #respect

prithviraj Singh Chandel

love #Care #RESPECT #Trust

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she's adorable, her heart is of gold,
she's a Boss girl, her aura is magical and bold.
she's too kind , her soul is very old,
she's magnificent, her mind is too fickle and cold. #love #care #respect #trust

Anon Mate

माना कि मै तुम्हें दुनियां की हर ख़ुशी नहीं दे सकता,
पर यक़ीन कर पगली,
मैं जो खुशी तुझे दे सकता हूं
वो तुझे दुनियां के किसी भी कोने में नसीब नहीं होगी..... #respect

Dipak K. Chauhan

'Love' in 7 words Love can't explain in only "7" words...
But this 7 words are explain "LOVE"
1 ) Care 🙇
2) Respect 🙏
3) Trust 💯
4) Loyalty 👪
5) Understanding 🙋
6) Freedom 🕊
7) Resposibility 🤗
@mari_dhingaliiiii_ #love #care #respect #loyalty #freedom #understanding #trust
#responsibility #hindipoetry #quotes

prithviraj Singh Chandel

#Live love #Care #RESPECT #Trust

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she's thoughtful a deep sea and I am the ship
our bond is not forever, that's what she think
I'm nothing infront of her temper and grit
but tell me do ship leave sea after it get sink
i am drowned in her love with all my wish
I'd never leave, no matter how much I overthink
it gets hard especially the way now she treats
but may be one day she'd understand this
even if she don't I deserve all of this shit
I know she's the only one I'll always ever miss
she's angel in disguise for me a pure bliss
I'll never leave she's my only favourite fish

 #live  #love #care #respect #trust