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Trust The People Who Trust or live for u ..! But Don't Trust The People Who Blames On The People U Are Trusting 😎 #NojotoQuote

Trust 😎

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if a person is loyal to u... 
without being in a relationship with u.. 

trust me 
that's the person you should marry..  #NojotoQuote

#Relationship 😘😘

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#OkBye shares- Living Life Without Girlfriend [READ FULL CAPTION]
Life without a partner does not necessarily mean that it has to be lonely, full of sad song. no!! not at all.
Those howling feelings of breaking up with a girl at first
- we guys are like that only, "even the thought of breaking up with a girl scares us to hell and back" however it may seem tough at first but in the end breaking up is the best thing that could ever happened to you. (Assan hai bhai kar ke dekh)
Stress free life
-Now when you have finally broken up with the stress of your life you will notice that even you are not adding up stress in someone else life.
Aakhir asli Pyar To Maa Ka Pyar Hota Hai Page!!
- you get to spend more time with your parents you try to understand them know them trust me no one else is going to love you the way they do.
You can find me talk to real friends you were not paying attention to
- now without any fear of facing the jealousy drama you can spend more time with the girls who are potentially your best friends but you never paid  attention to them.
Shak, shak, shak... Wtf.?
- so you get rid of all the possessiveness and live a shak free life. (suck-free life too) there will always be a person you love but there will be no one you don't trust and who does not trust you.
No regrets in life!
- you get more time to spend with your male friend not only to make sure the breakup as well but to enjoy the next level of adventures in your life.
Kaam pe bhi to dhyan lagega bc!
- you will obviously get more time to try new stuff work hard and get success in your life. While The couples of your age are planning when where and how to get laid.
Nothing to fake, everything is real
- you will love yourself more after breaking up with a girl for all the rights reason no fake  smile no fake late night calls and above all you will start to feel what's real and important.
In the end, you are happy
- eventually you realise that you have become a man from a boy and above all a better human being.

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 because non belifer has a believe on a have non belifer.....!!!! #NojotoQuote

believe the non belifer
#belive #nonbelifer #Trust

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I feel like an extra character in my own biography.

And I wonder If I was a punching bag among everyone.

#NojotoWriter #Nojoto #nojotoenglish #poem #Poetry #Life #Struggle #Love #Trust #betrayal #betrayed #lust #heartbroken #depression #anxiety #alone

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