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Pooja Udeshi

save your mother earth

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if we love our mother earth than its our duty to take care of her and all her natural things like nature, all living creatures and keep her away from pollution, that is increasing day by day inside and outside her, she cant breath properly,if we want to save her than we must keep her clean, pollution free, if she die than where we live? because of her we can survive otherwise we had no existence, we must take serious step to save our earth for our future generation,love all creatures of this earth, all have rights to live here in dependently just like us, we are human, humanity is our main moto, love all serve all. save your mother earth

Aman Kumar

writter's ink

#Mother Earth

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mother earth

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Mankind is hidden in the boltholes there's stillness and quietness in every City and Town 

Universe being a beholder watching Planet earth recouping it's former crown 

As In the befouled conditions of so many tainted regions and after years of Surviving 

Nature is changing its vision cause of obvious reasons Mother Earth is Reviving mother earth

RE ✅

इंसान हूं इस धरती पे, तो खुस्किस्मत हूं बोहोत,,
होता कोई पत्थर तो भी गम नहीं था,,
श्रेय पूरा इंसान ही लेते हैं धरती के निर्माण में,,
वरना योगदान तो उस पत्थर का भी कम नहीं था।।

RE ✅ #Earth_Day_2020 
#Mother #Earth

Tauheed Shahbaz Anwar

यह जमीं भी आदमी को कितना दे जाती है
आखरी हद तक बस काम ही काम आती है The mother earth 

#Earth #Mother #Journeys 
#Goodness #Nature #YQbaba #YQdidi


#yemausam #environment# Mother Earth #Life

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Poonam Bharadhwaj

#Nature#Mother Earth 🌎

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I may be quiet 
I may be patient 
But  remember  I have a limit
Coz I have my reasons
Once the words are counted, your sins are down listed
Then here's the point where I turn savage , killing you and vanishing out  your race from the planet
Coz I'm the nature  and you are the human 
I was here before your clan 
And you are nothing without me  man! #Nature#Mother Earth 🌎

Naranji Jadeja

mother earth-part 1

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Silvi Gupta

Save our mother earth.

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The mother earth says -
याद रखना ऐ इंसान
तु मेरे बच्चों (जल, हवा और पेड़) को नष्ट करके  अपने बच्चों के लिए खुद गड्ढा खोद राहा है |— % & Save our mother earth.