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Sneha Raj

Sneha Raj #Quotes

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Raj Rai Babita Pandey Pooja Nehu Diary Sneha Agarwal #शायरी

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न सिखा तू मुझे हुनर ऐ वफ़ादारी 
बचपन से आती है मुझे ये कलाकारी Raj Rai Babita Pandey Pooja Nehu Diary  Sneha Agarwal

raj Kumar 2.0

Raj Kumar 2.0 #लव

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raj Kumar 2.0

©Kabir Singh Raj Kumar 2.0

Bad Poet

201/218 #roseatesparkles

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When you let go of success, the failures hardly bother you. You can succeed and sleep like a baby. You can fail and sleep like a baby. Maybe this is the whole point of it – to be like a baby. 

You can cry and laugh, and you can still sleep at night without burdening yourself. 

Let go of success.
Let go of failure.
Let go of yourself. 201/218


Bad Poet

#roseatesparkles 110/218

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Don't try.
Don't try to be strong when you're not.
Be vulnerable, see where it hurts.
Be patient, see how it makes you feel.
Then figure out ways to heal.
And throw your life for the healing.
Because you're not just healing yourself.
You're healing everyone you touch.
Privileged you are.
If you are the chosen one to touch people.
But don't try to become one.
Let it happen. #roseatesparkles 


Bad Poet

214/218 #roseatesparkles

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god gave you poetry that fits you
so don't worry
shape your written world
the way you want
but remember 
purity is a must
the rest will adjust