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Rupam Shukla

a gentleman

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Being a gentleman
dosen't mean 

you required

 handsome face 

good bank balance 

you only need 

a good heart 


a pure soul ..

@singleforsake a gentleman


he is a blessing in my life he is all happiness in my life

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वो भगवान से मेरे लिए खुशियां मांग रही थी ,
मैने एक उसको मांग के अपने लिए सब कुछ मांग लिया !
😍😍 he is a blessing in my life 
he is all happiness in my life

Chetna Kaushik

he is my God he is my father he is my best friend he is my Bhai he is my protector he is my sakoon he is My Everything Thanks you so much #Life

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Jack Sparrow

promise is a word word #Love

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being a gentleman...

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love is about 
caring each other not for f**k being a gentleman...


Be A Gentleman...

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Being A Male Is A Matter Of Birth,
Being A Man Is A Matter Of Age,
Being A Gentleman Is A Matter Of Choice. Be A Gentleman...

Alex James

Be a Gentleman

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Never ask others belongings,if they once say no.Asking again and again is bad behaviour Be a Gentleman

Nandinitesh Tamrakar

My silent Is My Word

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Kuch To Mazbooriyan Rahi Hogi Zindagi me

Varna Dill Yu Labo Ko Khamosh Ranhe Ki Izajat Nahi Deta

©Nandinitesh Tamrakar My silent Is My Word


he is a #Quotes

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Vãlä Sægär

this is my word

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love it is not finding a person with whom you can live with...
it is finding without whom you can can't live... this is my word