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Khilendra Kumar

my love think #शायरी

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jiarul Haque

dog dog #شاعری۔

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A dog #Dog poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Friend #Poetry

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A dog

There is an animal I had years ago 
His name was Bear , a rottweiler
A dog unmatched in his loyalty
And no canine could be kinder

He played with his tennis balls
And at the park with his frisbee
Lots and lots of stuffed tiny toys
With these things he stayed busy

Walks up to four times a day 
First thing in the morning 
We both woke up quite early
A long walk to get us going

He didn't like having his bath
He was against it completely
After fifty requests to get in
Into the tub though defiantly

Going to the lake was different
Overjoyed and very excited
Jumping right into the water
Suffice to say he was delighted

A wonderful friend for many years
His memory will live on forever
The best dog I could ever want
One day we will again be together

©Schizology A dog

#Dog #poem✍🧡🧡💛 #Friend

Bhanu pratap singhh

my dog #वीडियो

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Manjunatha Kv

dog #Trending dog #Videos

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Manjunatha Kv

#Dog #Trending dog #Videos

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Baskar Choudhry

My cat and dog playing #Life

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my think

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Amar Gudge

Natural Fitness