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story of life #wishes

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Shabana S

the short story of Hazrat yusuff (A.S) #viarl #nojohindi #nojotostory #story #nojota #Videos

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Rakshit Panchal

Night Story of Maths SAD Reality

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Joke if the year😜😂

Reason Why Maths always ask to find the value of its X:

Maths was a good gentleman. He had only nukbers in his life 
Once he was in relationship with science as time passed He started sharing with science and started including alphabets words from it but as time passed Science left him 
Then afterwards the Maths always asked the value of its X😜😂

©Rakshit Panchal #Night Story of #Maths #SAD #Reality

Tiny glowing star!

#Life #motivatation Story of Her Chapter 2

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Biplab Patra

#ValentinesDay new Romantic Love story of india. #Life

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Sathya Sathya

#Happiness one of the story like #Motivational

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Sanjay gamer 143

😋love# you# story#😋 #जानकारी

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#MereKhayal story of a human #SAD

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A story of a story poem✍🧡🧡💛 #story #Random #Poetry

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A story of a story

It is now four am in the morning
I can't  and it's very boring
Maybe I could write up a story
I know it will likely be corny

A story of love and adventure      
Monsters, demons and creatures
A hero gets cut and needs sutures
The woman is a very pretty teacher

They come from two different places
The girl is nice, always says graces
The boy is silly, always making faces
Cross paths , elope, leaving no traces

A story of destiny and of danger
Two people join after being strangers
The boy he's rough, raises gators
The girl very gentle, has no anger

The man battles ogres and cyclops
She grows and tends to the crops
He never cleaned, never used a mop
She never had a fight , just yells stop

One day I think I may write the book
Of passion, romance, and second looks
A beautiful young woman named Brooke
And a man named Cal, who can not cook

©Schizology A story of a story

#poem✍🧡🧡💛 #story #Random


love L♥️ve ove #Mythology

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