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சலூன் கடைக்காரரிடம்
தன் உயிரை பிணையம் வைக்கிறார்கள்

சவரம் செய்யும் பொழுதில்
கழுத்தின் மேல் கத்தி!

Masculinity ஆண்மை #ஆண் #ஆண்மை #Man #Men #masculinity #mustache #Beard

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Today there is a mustache in the air,
These winds look very sweet to you.
It used to come every day,
But you have felt today ..

©®Author and poet
#Nojoto #Hindi #nojotoenglish #nojotopoetry #Poetry #Poet #Love #Life Sayaro Bano Suprabha Kumari Rinu Sangya Venu

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"मत करना किसी शायर से इश्क़"
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Once Loved Ones....

[Read The Caption]

[Read The Caption]
You just walked away ... While I was still there .. in the mid of the road watching you going with a part of mine.
That day .. the raindrops falling on me didn't affect me. You remember ... Rain was my favourite of all. Remember .. we have danced together ...wetting ourselves.. I know you hated that ..and I always dragged you to accompany me.
See.. now I too have started ignoring it because in that moment you made me learn that "once loved ones" too can be ignored.
Yeah .. just the way you did. .
I came back home .. tearless. Locking myself in my room.. I sat on the study table with my diary before me and a pen .. pen which you had gifted... Ughhh .. with a diary before me and a pen in hand. .
I opened the diary and started writing. "Standing in mid of the road.. I see" .
Wait .. what's that .. I was to write all our happy moments.. I torn out the page and started again .. "Standing in the mid of the road..I see" .. another page hit the floor. I started again and the result was the same. .
And the Pen which you had bought started ignoring you .. "Once loved ones" too can be ignored, hated and left as well. .
© Harshita Agarwal 2018
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#isee #wordsmith #nojotowordsmith

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