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vasudha Singh

#before I Die

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Before I die
Some dreams r yet to be completed.
some paths r waiting to be walked on .
some faces craving to smile,
legs ready to walk miles.
some hugs r yet pending .
some messages waiting to be send.
some problems r waiting to be solved.
some misunderstandings r waiting to be resolved.
some mistakes yet to be confronted .
many sorries left to be told.
many unspoken words waiting to come out.
some frnds waiting to reunite.
tired eyes waiting for night.
love waiting to be shared .
tears yet to explode.
many places waiting to be explored.
few breath left for rare scents.
eyes waiting for familiar faces.
But now, time ends,
journey is about to complete.
some, somes r left to be done.
But inspite of all this ,
I will not cry,
Before I die #Before I Die

Phung Saa Limbu


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i know i ll die oneday..
that day may be today or tomorrow 
but i ll oneday..
before I die
let me pay all the dwes i took it from my  mom
let me proof myself whome my mother i would be..
and let me be a mom just to give all the love and care she gave me and take the same love and affection to her..
than you can take my soul 
but let me do all the work i need to
work are yet to done.🙏 BEFORE I DIE

Internet Jockey

5 Things Before I Die #bucketlist #Die

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Things I want to Die Before I Die See Nojoto Studios in Every City
Meet Salman Khan
Take Family To World Tour
Get Married
Will Reveal Once above 4 gets fulfilled 5 Things Before I Die
#BucketList #Die

Zarafshan Adil


And Miles to go before I die....

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Is ek karan se akela 
ho jata hai,
Apno ko chdne ki 
salah "geron" se
leta hai And Miles to go before I die....

HEimdAll GAmeR

Don't Die Before you Die #Knowledge

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Rooh ke Alfaaz

meet before die #violin

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Internet Jockey

Die Quotes #Die #Live #TerraceWalking

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If I die without knowing me, I don't die, because I haven't lived.
Internet Jockey Die Quotes
#Die #Live #TerraceWalking

Jeevan Aacharya

the care between before die and after die #Life

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Rizwaan 9416188998 only for real not for fake plz

I Wanna Die

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ए  मौत सुना हैँ तू गरीब के घर बहुत आती हैँ, 
कभी हमसे भी मुलाक़ात कर ले, 
कहते हैँ तेरे आने से कम हो जाते हैँ गम, 
कभी हमसे भी बात कर ले. I Wanna Die