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Ekta sharma

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Mr. Eram

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Sheikh Ahmed

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Mr. Eram

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Jeetal Shah

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Ashish Mishra

गम, खुशी, प्यार, बेवफाई...
हर जज़्बात पर बड़ा गौर करती हैं...
ए "कलम"  तू चुप रहकर भी कितना शोर करती हैं...!!

©Ashish Mishra #pen

Akhil Kael

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Prince Martin

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Book quotes My Pen

In the quiet of night, I held my  pen, feeling its smooth texture beneath my fingertips. With each stroke, it brought to life all those stories in my mind, shaping the characters and worlds with each carefully crafted word. The weight of its significance was palpable, a reminder of the power I held to connect the hearts and minds through the simple act of writing.

In moments of solitude, my pen became a companion, guiding me through the maze of my thoughts and emotions. It's not just a simple pen filled with ink, it's  a tool of self-expression, a conduit through which I could release the depths of my soul to fill the page. Each time I put my thoughts into a paper, I felt a sense of liberation, as though I was freeing a part of myself that had long been yearning to be heard.

Through the ink that flowed from my pen, I found solace in the oceans of life, anchoring myself in the familiar rhythm of writing. It was a constant source of inspiration, whispering to me the stories that begged to be told. With my pen in hand, I am a storyteller, weaving tales that dance between reality and fictions/imagination.

©Prince Martin #pen #story #Love