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Shantu Gehlot

good night aal family #Light #Love

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Sbhi bhaiyo ko good night

©Shantu Gehlot good night aal family

Prashant Vats

Light and Night  Dear lights, 

Please stop killing our Nights. #Dark #light #night #fight

Rajesh Legha

#Fight #Family

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if some little fight is in your crew then stay with it because if you solve it then you can face a real fight #Fight #Family

Live Once

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Marshall Raju Nair

# family #Light

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परिवार गरव करता है जब बेटीया पैदा होती है....
बेटीया मँ कि उमीद तो पिता का गुरुर होती है...
बेटीया कई चुनौतीयो सै गुजरती है.....
बेटिया एक साथ कई रिशते निभाती है...
शायद इस लिए बेटिया दुरगा या सरसवति का रुप कहलाती है

©Marshall Raju Nair # family 


Princi Mishra

Family #Light

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Darkest of the nights that haunt a person, don't get filled with 
joy necessarily but become bearable with family around. 
Family is the anchor that keeps us standing amidst a storm, when every
thing around us is claimed by the raging beast. The familiar
 scent of trust, love and belongingness intensifies with each
 tear shed together.

©Princi Mishra Family