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World Beard Day My First Love
My Beard

I love my beard | Abhishek Solanki #Beard #mine #Love #Truth

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World Beard Day tough dikhna hai reason
ya isse badlta hai jeevan
rockstar sa feel deta hai
ya heal feel kar leta hai
kya kaaran hai kuch toh
hoga hii tum hii bata do
anyways it's important
if you loves your beard
let's for you cheered
wishing you my macho man💪
Happy world beard day

✍--Raaj kumari


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There was a boy who used to wander village to village in search of magic spell whose stories he heard from his grand mother.
One day he explore an shortcut way through the woods to reach the nearby village. Suddenly he saw an old cottage in the mid of the jungle. He found a bit intresting due to its location and being an anguish child he couldn't stop him entering that cottage. He entered the house whose wall was mostly covered with cob -web. There was an painting on the wall which was simply shining as new one. He saw an old man on the chair with white and long moustache and beard coughing badly. The boy offered him a bottle of water. The old guy reluctantly drank it. And said thank you my Child. The old man asked him about the reasons of coming in this forest. The boy told him about the magic spell for which he started his expedition.
On hearing this answer , the old man started laughing full heartedly and said Oh my cute friend. You have taken such a difficult work. I don't want to let you down but i have never seen any magic spell throughout my life. But according to the saying of my ancestors There is an places where you can search for it. Hearing this there was an spark in the eye of that boy

To be continued-

#storytelling #NojotoFamily #Nojotostories

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👉vo moment kitna kamal ka hoga jab apki wife apki beard apne hath se set karegi 💏😊

😊un boys ke liye ye post jo beard rakna pasand karte h 👦



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To all the guys who are having beard..
beard badhane se usmy sirf jhaag fanste hai...
ladkiya nahi....😂😂

ye mere words nahi ye meri frnd k words hai unki request pr h mene sirf ek bckgrnd select kiya h

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